BPA 131: Stacked cakes coated in fondant with Cornelli lace, Sota, and Swiss Dots

Day 6, Intro to Cake Decorating

I began the same as before with cutting my even cake layers, damming and filling with jam, and crumb coating. The difference was that I was also cutting and coating a 6" round cake as well. The process was the same, but once my layers were cut, instead of just cutting off the edges, I used the small cardboard cake round as a template and trimmed away the cake that remained. Today I colored my fondant a little yellow, kind of a butter color. I rolled it out and unrolled it onto each cake separately. I used 6 straws as structural support standing in the middle of the bottom cake and with a little buttercream as glue put the small cake on top.

I practiced my fine piping of Swiss dots on top, a diamond like pattern, and continued with Sota and Cornelli lace on the bottom. This picture shows the Sota piping which are random curves of icing that falls on top of itself, and is wide and loose.

The other side of the cake I piped Cornelli lace onto. Cornelli lace is a kind of embroidery piping that is supposed to be one continuous line in small curves. It is not supposed to intersect like Sota piping. I piped a very small shell border between the two cakes and on the bottom, merely to hide the cardboard and the space where the cakes meet.

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