BPA 130: Half Moon of Marquis Torte with Vanilla Sponge Cake, dusted with Cocoa, Chocolate Sauce, topped with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Moon

I was very pleased with the way this dish turned out. I was inspired by the chocolate disc moons I had made when attempting the various tempered chocolate garnishes and found that the marquis, simply cut, mimicked the moon shape. As with the previous bowl I used my pastry brush to apply the sauce. I brushed chocolate sauce from the inside to the outer edges. The sauce was very thick which made it nice for brushing by holding its shape and not sliding down, but it did not seem to hold much color. I was hoping for a bolder brown, which the photograph barely shows the darkness it really was, but something closer to the depth of the cocoa powder. I would like to try this dessert on a plate and see if the same effect is achieved.

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