BPA 130: White Chocolate coated Dark Chocolate Mousse with chopped Pistachios, Chocolate Shortbread Cookie and Blood Orange sauce

This dish features a dark chocolate mousse, dipped in white chocolate pate a glacer and edged with chopped pistachios. A chocolate shortbread cookie and blood orange sauce surround the mousse. I am not happy with this plate as a whole. I like the pyramid of mousse and the combination of the green pistachios with the white pate a glacer and the final dusting of gold, but it is lost in the sea of big cookie and remaining nuts on the plate. I had envisioned a much smaller, more delicate looking cookie that would mimic the square base of the pyramid, with more orange sauce flooding the area between the two and contrasting colors and textures. Much of the original idea was lost or did not come across in the end. The sprinkled pistachios were an afterthought, and appear so. I would have preferred the same mousse pyramid on the plate with a simple ring of sauce with a small bite-size cookie. From this I see again, less is more.

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