BPA 130: Deconstructed Black Forest Cake with Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ribbon, Whipped Cream, Brandied Sour Cherries, and a shot of Kirsch

This deconstructed version of Black Forest cake was made by some students in our class. They took all of the elements of the traditional cake and arranged them separately on the plate. I like this plate in concept, it's fun to look at a traditional cake in a new way and to see the various parts of the dessert as separate entities, but for this cake I do not favor it. I do not think there is enough connection between the elements, I would prefer a little more interaction between them. I like the simplistic and clean nature of the plate, each item has its own space and area. With this cake the colors are monochromatic for the most part, browns, white, clear, and dark red. The white space of the plate makes them pop, but also makes them look so separated from each other. If I were doing this plate I might deconstruct the cake to a lesser extent. I would brush the kirsch onto the cake directly and place it partly in the sauce with the cherries. I would put the whipped cream on top of the cake and lean the chocolate curl against it as a garnish.

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