BPA 131: Fondant coated square cake with fondant flowers

Day 7, Intro to Cake Decorating

Today's square cake was cut and filled with a dam of buttercream and raspberry jam and crumb coated. I rolled out a sheet of fondant to an even thickness and making sure there were no air bubbles or bumps, rolled it onto the rolling pin. Gently unrolling it on top of the cake I first smoothed the top, insuring no air pockets, then pressed the fondant tight at the corners. With the corners covered I then smoothed the fondant on the sides, moving from the corners in. This motion moved the air pockets down and out from the middle as opposed to creating large creases or wrinkles at the corners.

Using powdered red color mixed with a drop of alcohol mixed into some fondant, I found a bright orange red for the flowers for my cake. I piped 5 tiny black dots in each center and I piped the branches before affixing the flowers with a dab of royal icing.

I was inspired by cherry blossoms and Asian designs and wanted to create something similar with the small flowers on my cake. The fondant flowers are nice to work with because each has a different movement and shape, making them look more natural.

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