BPA 130: Marquis Torte with Vanilla Sponge Cake dusted with Cocoa, Casis sauce, topped with Whipped Cream and piped Chocolate

With this dessert I wanted to play around with different saucing techniques. First of all, I used a wide bowl which I think added to the interest of the dish. I used a pastry brush to swirl the sauce around the bowl, creating overlapping ribbons of color and texture. I like that the grainy texture of the sauce comes through and the varying shades of red to pink when using the brush. The marquis on its own was rather dull looking; chocolate mousse with vanilla sponge cake. I thought the dusting of cocoa powder added yet another texture and some interest to the top and sides of the cake. The garnish on top was tempered chocolate piped into an "M" shape for the Marquis. I also liked the way I cut the marquis. It was one portion but the angled way I cut it makes it look like there is more, and has interest from all points of view. The dollop of whipped cream on top held the garnishes in place but also adds a pop of contrast in a mostly chocolate dish.

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