BPA 130: Devil's Food Cake layered and topped with Ganache, White Chocolate Mousse, Pomegranate sauce and Tuile cookie garnish

This plate is of a chocolate ganache layered Devil's Food cake, vanilla tuile garnish, and pomegranate sauce. I really like the centrality and concentric circle look of this dish. I used a round cutter to cut the cake and with the smallest cutter, took out the top of the center and filled it with a little white chocolate mousse. The mousse contrasted with the dark chocolate color but also served as the "glue" to hold my tuile garnishes upright. I was not completely happy with the way the tuile leaf came out; to me it almost looks like a feather. In doing this again I would keep the saucing and round cut cake but maybe try another kind of tuile garnish.

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