BPA 130: Creme Caramel with Bubble Sugar garnish

This dish is a Creme Caramel with a piece of poured sugar on top. I poured the sugar onto parchment paper that had been wiped with high proof alcohol, and the bubbles in the sugar are the end product of its evaporation. Since Creme Caramel is cooked in a container and flipped to serve, it was difficult to know how the sauce would come out. I swirled the plate a little bit and was content with the natural flow of it. I wanted to play on the combination of the soft custard and the crisp sugar, as well as the colors of the two. I liked the almost see-through, glass block effect of the sugar when looking at the plate from above. It looks as if its sitting on top of the custard. From the side you can see the small pieces of sugar holding it up, floating it above the creme. In doing this dish again I might try to remove some more sauce before releasing it from its shell, or using a small bowl and having all of its caramel sauce underneath and have the custard appear to be floating.

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