BPA 130: Panna Cotta with Creme Anglaise, Passion Fruit, and Casis sauces

This plate is also from Day 1, working with Panna Cotta as the center and playing with sauces and color to make a complimentary color plate. On this plate I made dots of each sauce, passion fruit, creme angalise, and casis. I liked the color variation between the sauces, the yellow bleeding into the creme into the bright red. Because these sauces were thinner they did not hold the zest shape as well as the thicker sauces, but they blended together better; blurring the edges between them. I would also like to try this same set up on a differently shaped plate to see the effects of the angles. A chocolate or dark central dessert would also work with this sauce combination, the colors would compliment the dark dessert and would still be bright against the white plate.

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