BPA 131: Piping buttercream swags and borders and piping royal icing flowers

Day 2, Intro to Cake Decorating

Working with round cakes again, I cut and prepared my layers using the same M.O.P. as learned on day 1. I filled the cake with buttercream, making sure layers of cake and frosting were even. I crumb coated and final coated with buttercream, and then focused on piping swags. Using various piping tips I was able to achieve ruffled swags, fine line swags, and a shell border along the top and bottom edges of my cake. Where the swags met at the top of my cake I piped small rosettes.

I also had a chance to practice piping royal icing flowers. Using the rose piping tip and some tinted icing I was able to create some nice little flowers. To pipe a simple flower it is easiest to use the flower nail in the piping kit, with a small piece of parchment paper. Holding the nail in my left hand and my piping bag in the other, I piped, stopped, and turned 5 times, making the 5 petals of my flowers. I went back later and piped small dots in the centers.

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