BPA 130: Tropical Fruit Mousse with Chocolate Almond Sponge Cake and Kiwi Gelee, Coconut Marshmallow and Caramel sauce

This dish has a tropical fruit mousse over a chocolate almond sponge cake topped with a kiwi gelee. I am very pleased with the way this dish came out. Using a small paint brush I painted caramel sauce onto the base of the bowl in a vine like manner. I wanted the mousse cake in the center because I wanted to keep the circular shape at play. I cut out a small circle of coconut marshmallow for the topper, which kept with the tropical flavors but also picked up the contrasting colors. The cake is almost like a sun with radiating waves. I might use a white bowl or plate if plating this dessert again; the white plate would really pick up the white of the coconut and marshmallow and make it pop even more.

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