BPA 130: Quenelle of White Chocolate Mousse in a Sugar Cup with Casis sauce

This dish has a sugar cup with white chocolate mousse and a swirl of casis sauce. I like the delicateness of the sugar cup against the dark, contained sauce. I drizzled the hot sugar over a pyramid flexi-mold and when it was cool carefully pealed it off. It was very delicate and had wild looks strands coming off the top, which made it really fun and interesting. The mousse was almost too heavy for it; it knocked the cup over when I put it in. The contrast of delicate and heavy are also at play here. The sauce appears heavy. I used a small round cutter and swirled a pastry brush of sauce inside. I liked it initially, but as it dried it lost its shine and became rather unappetising looking. I would try this again with a more viscus sauce or a sauce that kept its shine, more like caramel. I would also try this in a bowl and see how the round versus the pyramid sugar would look.

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