BPA 131: Coating cakes with fondant and fine line piping with royal icing

Day 4, Intro to Cake Decorating

I prepared my cake layers, made a dam on each layer for and filled with raspberry jam, and crumb coated my cake. Today we worked with rolled fondant to coat out cakes. I used a rolling pin and rolled the fondant out on the marble counter dusted with powdered sugar. I wanted it very thin, even, and smooth. Once it was at a good thickness, I rolled it up onto the rolling pin and unrolled it on top of my cake. Working quickly I smoothed the sheet of fondant over the top and sides with my hands and with a fondant smoother. Once all lines and wrinkles were gone I trimmed the extra fondant off the bottom of the cake. Using the fondant smoother I went around the edge of the cake and slid down the sides make sure the fondant was tight and smooth at the bottom. Any excess fondant I cut away with my paring knife.

To finish my cake I used white royal icing to make some small fine line piping along the edges. Where the swags met at the top I made a small dot of icing. Below the swags I attempted some Swiss dots.

I used a small round tip to make the pearl border at the bottom of the cake.

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