BPA 130: White Chocolate covered Passion Fruit Mousse with Lime Sable Cookie, Blood Orange Sauce, and topped with Passion Fruit Pate de Fruit

This pyramid of white chocolate covered passion fruit mousse with pineapple consume and a lime sable cookie was made by Chef Peter Yuen. I paired the tropical flavors with the blood orange sauce both for flavor and contrasting color. I topped the mousse with a passion fruit pate a fruit I cut into strips and sugared. I was very pleased with the final plating. I like how the mousse floats above the pool of sauce and the way the painted sauce on the sides is mimicked by the pate a fruit strips on top. I was worried the bowl would swallow the pyramid, but instead it shows off the angles more than the plate does. If doing this again I might try a chocolate sauce on the bottom and a different pate a fruit of other garnish to see how darker or more monochromatic colors would work out.

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