BPA 130: Vanilla Ice Cream in a Tuile cup with Pomegranate sauce and Tuile garnish

This plate features a vanilla tuile cookie cup and garnish, vanilla ice cream, and a swirl of pomegranate sauce. I really like the way the saucing turned out on this plate. I had many ideas and various attempts (hence the melted ice cream) before achieving this final look. I just dropped some sauce onto the center of the plate with a large spoon and swirled outwards until I reached a look I liked. This technique could be difficult in banquet plating or a fast paced restaurant where you want them to look exactly the same or you don't have time to swirl each plate with a spoon. The cookie, ice cream, and vanilla are too monochromatic. I would change one of those elements if doing it again, a chocolate tuile or ice cream would create more contrast and actually make each element stand out on its own. As it is they kind of blend together. I like the bright red of the sauce and the nice shine it gives to the plate.

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