BPA 130: Chocolate Bread Pudding with Passion Fruit sauce and Sugar garnish

This dish was one of the more fun ones to create. I chose to work with the chocolate bread pudding and passion fruit sauce and finished with a sugar garnish. The sugar is meant to look as if it is floating, or flowing like water, from the dessert. I wanted to play with the curves of the pudding and the sugar. I drizzled the hot sugar over a small metal dome and cracked off large pieces when it was cooled. These pieces retained the roundness of the dome but not the entire structure. I used the dome again on the plate when drizzling the sauce. I used spoonfuls at a time and went across the plate. I removed the dome and the white center created the perfect spot for my round of pudding. I like the contrasting color of the bread and chocolate in the pudding, as well as the yellowness of the sugar and the bright yellow of the passion fruit sauce. This dish would be hard to replicate unless a simpler or standard shaped sugar garnish was used.

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