BPA 130: Panna Cotta with Creme Anglaise, Chocolate, and Caramel sauces

This was the first dessert plated in class. I was to design two plates with Panna Cotta as the central part and work with available sauces to create a monochromatic plate and a complimentary color plate.
This is the monochromatic plate with chocolate sauce, creme anglaise, and caramel sauce. I played around with various tools from my kit and found my zester made an interesting pattern with the sauce. I like the color combinations of the sauces, but I wish they were the same consistency. The caramel was thick and the chocolate sauce was extra thick, which did not scrape across the plate the same way the creamy creme anglaise did. I would like to try this dish again in a bowl or square plate, to see how the angles work with the horizontal lines of the zest marks. If this were a plated dessert to be served, I might have to reconsider the amount of sauce used, right now it is rather sparse, but gives the desired effect. I don't like the look of the chocolate sauce; as it dried it lost its shine.

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