Chocolate: Final Exam

30 Caramels -Turtles
40 Polycarbonate Molds- Amaretto ganache
50 Piped ganache- Coffee ganache pyramids
50 Framed ganache- Hazelnut Latte- Praline and Coffee Ganaches

Amaretto Ganache
150 g cream
50 g glucose
40 g almond paste
450 g milk chocolate, unmelted, tempered, chopped
40 g amaretto liquor

-combine cream, glucose, and almond paste in pan- bring to a boil- stir to break up almond paste
-pour cream mixture over unmelted, chopped, tempered chocolate and let sit for a minute allowing chocolate to melt
-stir with spatula from center out

-stream in liquor and stir until fully combined

-let set up or table depending on when going to pipe
-pipe into molds
Coffee Ganache
180 g heavy cream
10 g coffee beans
milk as needed
60 g glucose
400 g dark chocolate, tempered, chopped, unmelted
40 g soft butter
40 g coffee liquor
-combine cream and roughly chopped coffee beans
-bring to boil, remove from heat, and cover with plastic, let steep at least 5 minutes
-pass cream through moistened cheese cloth; replace any missing cream with milk to bring it to desired weight
-add glucose to cream and bring to boil
-pour hot cream over chopped, unmelted, tempered chocolate
-let sit a minute to allow chocolate to melt
-stir with spatula from center outwards until all chocolate melted
-stir in softened butter until no lumps remain
-stream in coffee liquor until mixture is homogenous

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  1. Hey there, I've come across your blog while trying to find uniuqe and unusual chocolates and fillings.I would love to purchase a chocolate book with loads of different fillings and ganache flavours. Do you have any ideas? for example.. I am experimenting with lavender truffles this weekend and have in mine saffron, chai and a few other things in the future. I'm studying pastry but unfortunatly we don't really get into chocolate so I don't know 2 much about it. if you have any ideas please email me at keahmilne@hotmail.com

    Thank you in advance!! Your blog is really inspirring....