Chocolate: Tempering, Mendiants and Trois Frères

-all about cocoa butter
-polymorphism- many shape/forms
-cocoa butter takes on different forms
-has 6 different forms
-6 different crystals that all behave differently
-melt and set at different temps
-when temper properly- trying to isolate and align properly


Form 5
-heat, cool, slightly reheat
-have proper alignment of butter molecules


-incorrect temper
-see fat bloom
-sugar bloom- moisture transfer
-both show up as gray

Lindt created conching
Conrad Van Houten- Dutching cocoa

Tempering different Chocolates:
Milk > Because of milk solids warm to lower temp, more fat, more sensitive

Dark Chocolate: depending on brand- heat to 113- 122 degrees

Milk/White- heat to 104- 110 degrees

Cool to 76-81 degrees

Dark: in temper at 88-90 degrees
Milk/ White: 84- 86 degrees

Form 5 crystal melts out at 94 degrees, if goes above, have to start process over

Tempering Demo:
-on stove, double boiler, chocolate in bowl, melting
-chocolate is sensitive to water
-heating process- stir to even out temp- don’t want hot spots

-seeding method- melt 2/3 of your chocolate to desired temperature, add chopped chocolate (1/3) stir until melted
-agitating important- helps cool down, isolate form 5 crystal
-when at 113 degrees, put second bowl with towel under chocolate bowl on top of pot (heat off)
-pour about 2/3 of the chocolate onto the marble table

-spread out with large offset spatula to cool
-looking at viscosity and shine
-not rushing, controlled movements
-looking for little ripples to form when pushing it
-add back to bowl and stir in
-put back on the stove- this is the reheating part of the process
-towels between the bowls act as buffers so it doesn’t reheat too much

-bring to desired 86 or 88 degrees depending on milk/white or dark chocolate
-the chocolate looks nice and shiny and is gripping the sides of the bowl
-keep stirring- you want the chocolate streak free
-temper test- dip piece of parchment in chocolate and let set on marble- want clean hard snap, very shiny, smooth texture, streak free, and to set up within 3-5 minutes
-2 towels between bowls, burner low or off
-want chocolate (dark) to stay between 88-90 degrees F

-nickel size piped chocolate, tap out to size of quarter- tap silpat or parchment
-colorful, want full of fruits and nuts, seeds
-appetizing appearance
-want design figured out, all need to be the same for test

Trois Frères
-3 hazelnuts facing up- all in same direction

-dipped trios frères- stir chocolate, drop in trois frères face down, pump on surface, wipe excess chocolate on edge of bowl, let set on silpat

Mendiants and Trois Frères

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