Sugar: Pulled Ribbons and Flowers

Pulled ribbons
-prepare station with spirit burner filled with denatured alcohol, pairing knife, and scissors
-silpats with towels underneath- you don’t want to get cold on granite
-with small silpat, have 2 pieces of cut aerated sugar, microwave at 10 sec intervals
-microwave enough to make malleable

-make tent with tin foil around heat light and something under the silpat

-stretch to sausage, cut 3 pieces- you want them the same thickness and length
-press 3 together
-pull a little and cut not all the way through, flip, and pull and make double stripes

-cut and repeat, 2-3 times
-as pull thinner, tap up and down
-cut strips with hot knife

-put under heat lamp- be patient
-bow loop- about the length of a finger
-pinch around
-use spirit burner to melt ends together to form bow
-twist softened strips to make ribbon curls

Pulled flower petals and rose
-the colder the sugar is the more it will shine
-cool down the sugar some by kneading it

-spread out thinly with fingers
-like pulling a tongue
-pull off
-bend under lamp
-varying sizes
-center- pull out like petal but curve slightly
-take another petal and enclose it slightly higher up
-create a gradual rising above 3-5-7
-leaf- same movements – emboss over leaf mold- add movement/ curve

Fantasy flower

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