Sugar: Casting

Cast Sugar
-start with clean pot- wipe out with vinegar
-begin with water, add sugar- heat at level 20
-whisk to encourage nice dissolvement of sugar into water
-cup with warm tap water with brush
-if water is cold will lower temperature dramatically

-clean sides with brush when boiling
-impurities rise- skim off surface
-add glucose after boiling- if add too early will interfere with dissolvement of sucrose
-skim off all impurities, brush down sides, whisk in glucose
-colors- only use powdered- acid in liquid colors will invert too much
-hydrate powder with water
-drop of water to make thick liquid
-add little color if want clear, if opaque add more color
-don’t touch after add glucose
-can add color at 280 degrees or if marbled color can add at the end

-gold and silver dust
-liquid white- made of chalk liquefied
-if leave impurities in sugar- wont be as clear and pristine as can be
-rinse each strain in bowl of water
-add glucose after strain
-brush sides with water
-put in thermometer, want to reach 320 degrees
-when add color at 280 degrees, swirl pot to distribute
-takes around 15-20 minutes
-bowl with cool water- put pot in to stop cooking
-put on towel or marble- want no water in molded area
-add color- swirl

Pouring Cast Sugar
-can do on aluminum foil- oiled
-sand casting
-silpat- can be molded
-mold should be pre-oiled- oil is better than the spray
-wait for bubbles to dissipate before pouring- so not in final sugar
-if pour when too hot will concave in mold
-pour about ½” thick
-cosmic affect- sprinkle gold dust and drops of white color- torch it right away to disperse color- veins it like marble
-added texture can pour on flexi-mat (not sprayed)
-make a support for tall standing pieces

-sand casting- pour into granulated sugar- sprinkle more loose sugar on top- can manipulate when still in sugar, adds texture

-coral sugar- pour sugar over ice cubes

-bubble sugar- denatured alcohol- pour onto parchment paper- wipe with paper towel

-want casting sugar in pot very fluid so when pour onto paper can be shaken around
-will bubble as hits alcohol
-mold- when still hot but set, start twisting

-pour on granite- solid surface- sheet pan will buckle
-foil technique- oil well- looks like water or stained glass

-oil rulers for support pieces
-when take coral sugar out of ice drain on paper towel

Assembly of Practice Piece
-using pieces made today create a showpiece with a variety of cast sugars
-use hot liquid sugar as "glue"

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