Chocolate: Practical Exam

15 Mendiants
15 Trois Freres
15 Dipped Trois Freres
15 Pipped Ganache Truffles- Apricot Butter Ganache

Apricot Butter Ganache
160 g soft butter
80 g apricot jam
430 g milk chocolate, melted, tempered at 86 degrees
40 g apricot brandy

-mix butter and jam until combined and no lumps remain
-add chocolate to butter, stir
-add brandy and mix until homogenous
-table ganache to cool until good working consistency
-pipe into small balls
-let set up
-roll into balls with gloved hands
-let set in cooler, re-roll
-give pre-coat to truffle by wiping tempered chocolate on it, this helps for dipping
-dip and garnish accordingly

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