Sugar: Pastillage

-sift corn starch and powdered sugar
-bloom gelatin

-add vinegar and glucose to gelatin and melt together in microwave, about 15 seconds
-mix into sifted starch and sugar
-finish by hand on starched counter
-wrap in plastic
-knead, can add clear alcohol if dry- denatured alcohol moistens it a bit
-take off any crumbly parts
-unwrap when ready to use and roll to desired thickness on starched counter
-cut shapes using exacto knife- dip in denatured alcohol to ensure clean cut-prevent snagging
-if want to shape- leave to dry a minimum of 24 hrs
-let pieces airdry on parchment lined sheet tray
-before using in showpiece, go over gently with sand paper to remove and rough surfaces or wrinkles or imperfections
-can use pastillage to help showpiece- adds movement and drama

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