Sugar: Blown

Blown Sugar
-want stem even at the bottom
-form a mushroom cap with small glob of sugar
-stick over thumb
-heat center over spirit burner and put over pump top

-pull up on sugar bulb- makes easier to detach later
-when get basic shaping done- put in front of fan- cooling

-if uneven heat, the sphere will pop when pumped

-to get off- put stem portion over flame and cut with scissors

-blow sphere

-blown sphere
-cup around top to section to cup off like brioche a tete
-pull neck, pump to expand body
-shape neck 90 degrees for swan
-cut off end- melt tail to play with

-shape up and flatten
-use bowl scrapper to imprint in center
-pill up and accentuate sides

-elongate sphere, pull up
-make depression on bottom with finger

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