Wedding Cakes: Frosting a Square Cake

Italian Buttercream
8 oz egg whites
16 oz sugar
3 oz water
24 oz butter

The water and sugar are brought to 240 degrees and the meringue is whipped on high speed until it is cool, this can take 10-15 minutes. The butter needs to be at room temperature and can be microwaved to bring to temperature. It should be added once the meringue is completely cooled, if added before the solids will melt and the final buttercream will be yellow in color. You want it a nice bright white.

“Silkening” the buttercream- let the mixer run on the lowest speed for about 20 minutes; this breaks down air bubbles and gets super smooth and fluffy, and will give the buttercream a nice sheen. This is then used for the final/ finishing coat of the cakes.

Important when icing the cake that it be level and the right height

To bring the cake to the desired heights we use multiple cardboard cakeboards under the cake. Using masking tape or scotch tape, stack the boards and tape them together and frost them as if they were part of the cake. The stacked boards add to the illusion. They also support the cake and help give a straight edge.

When frosting use a little butter cream on the bottom of the cake to “glue” it to the board, and a wet paper towel underneath to keep it from moving while on the cake stand.

Make sure each layer is even and frosted level

The crumb coat should be a thin layer

For a square cake, over extend the corners on the side. If have divots on the top corners, spread more buttercream to fill them in

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