Sugar: Pulled

Pulled Sugar
-cooking to 325 degrees
-silpat area ready
-when boiling clear skim
-water bath to shock pot
-important that no water enters area will silpat
-sugar gets ruined if it gets wet
-at 325 degrees add tartaric acid, comes off heat 330 degrees
-add drops, swirl pot
-acid helps make pliable- helps prevent crystallization
-can color at 285 degrees
-wipe pot bottom on towel
-pour onto silpat

-waiting for point when you can handle it
-edges cool first
-may need to shift it around on the table
-be patient or you will get burned
-folding edges in cools it off

-trying to get to form log
-aeration- aerate the sugar
-make sugar into larger mass
-fold silpat inwards
-when still moving/oozing not ready yet

-pull when sugar is “cold”- stops moving
-gloves protect hands from heat and sugar from sweat
-if pull when too hot will be dull, not have optimum shine
-if wait too long will be close to impossible to move it
-roll into log
-with left hand down, take right hand and pull, twist, sandwich, make a figure 8-gets lighter in color, shine increases

-controlled motions
-pull until hear popping
-pull out flat
-cut into pieces- can use later to make ribbons or petals
-sugar susceptible to humidity- cover with silpat

Pulled Isomalt
-isomalt recipe is just isomalt and water
-cook to 340 degrees

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