Chocolate: PB + J

Pate de Fruit
300 g raspberry puree
30 g sugar
8 g pectin
300 g sugar
60 g glucose
4.6- 5 g tartaric acid

-mix small amount of sugar and pectin together, breaking up any clumps of pectin
-whisk into warm puree on stove
-add sugar gradually, in 4 stages, so granules dissolve fully
-bring to boil
-acid sets pectin- makes it gel- add at very end
-once boiling add glucose

-cook to 225 degrees
-whisk really well when add the acid- want evenly dispersed
-pour immediately into lined quarter sheet pan

450 g milk chocolate tempered to 86 degrees
250 g praline paste or peanut butter

-add nut paste to tempered chocolate and stir to combine well

-table to cool down slightly

-pour over pate de fruit layer in sheet pan

-let set up
-spread thin layer of tempered chocolate on top to serve as base when cut

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