Chocolate: Ganache filled Polycarbonate Molds

Polycarbonate Molds
Ganache- Toucan passion fruit filling and Pumpkin Caramel, ½ recipes
Toucan- White Chocolate Passion Fruit
80 g heavy cream
20 g glucose
80 g passion fruit puree, reduced by ½
300 g white chocolate, tempered
20 g soft butter
-combine cream and glucose, bring to a boil
-heat the puree in separate pan
-pour hot cream and puree over chopped chocolate, let sit allowing chocolate to melt

-stir from center outward until well combined

-stir in soft butter until smooth
Pumpkin Caramel
1/8 t lemon juice
50 g sugar
30 g glucose
100 g cream
50 g pumpkin puree
½ t gingerbread spice mix
250 g milk chocolate, tempered
25 g brandy
-add lemon juice to sugar, stir until begins to boil
-bring to amber caramel
-add glucose to caramel

-boil cream and add to caramel, continue cooking on low heat
-add gingerbread spices
-bring back to boil

-pour mixture over chopped chocolate and let sit to let chocolate melt
-stir from center outward to combine

-if all chocolate is not melted, put over water bath and stir, don’t let it go above 93 degrees
-add brandy and stir until fully emulsified
Polycarbonate Molds
Ganache- toucans and pumpkin caramel, ½ recipes

Preparing and Filling Molds
-buff it- use cotton balls, or paper towels, and wipe out the inside of the mold, final buff with towel- rubbing to ensure a clean and shiny surface on final chocolate
-more time spend on it before hand the better, about 5 minutes each mold
-to paint/decorate molds use fat soluble powdered colors, can add gold or silver dust
-combine color with cocoa powder and melt down- liquidy paste, like crepe batter
-paint or splatter/ fleck with brushes, use finger, etc.

-scrape excess off with spackler/scraper or large offset spatula
-temper chocolate, for dark have at 88-90 degrees
-pour chocolate over mold to fill cavities
-tap side to get any air bubbles out, with spatula or on table

-leave in a couple minutes, if chocolate is cooler don’t leave it in more than 1 minute
-make sure the cavities are filled to the top with chocolate

-flip over chocolate bowl- tap out excess

-scrape excess from top
-let sit upside down in cooler on parchment paper, cool about 10 minutes
-scrape off any hardened chocolate that remains on mold

-fill cavity 2/3 -3/4 way full with ganache

-cover with tempered chocolate, tap so no air bubbles remain
-scrape off excess chocolate, let set up in cooler about 5-10 minutes
-tap upside down over table for chocolates to come out of mold

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