Internship CYC Week 9: August 19-23

Wednesday 8/19
-write out recipes for plated desserts for Roberto’s recipe book

Chocolate Cremeux for chocolate tartlet
9 ½ oz cream
1/16 oz gelatin
2 ¼ oz yolks
4 1/8 oz chocolate
2 oz sugar

Cook cream, yolks, and sugar like crème anglaise. Pour over chocolate, stir like ganache, add gelatin

Port of Call buffet is Naples, Italy
I wanted to make something traditionally Napolitano for the buffet, in addition to the cannoli they asked me to make. After looking on the internet I found the Babá al Rhum was a popular item.
Babá al Rhum
17 cl milk (163 g)
25 g yeast
70 g sugar
1 t salt
6 eggs
450 g flour
150 g butter
50 cl water
500 g sugar
6.7 oz rum

Combine yeast and milk in mixer bowl
Add sugar, salt, and egg, and half of the flour
Add bits of butter
Beat for 4 minutes until fluffy
Add rest of flour and mix on low speed
Pour into buttered mold
Cover with towel and leave to raise 30 minutes
Bake 390 degrees for 30 minutes
Take out of oven and flip over after 2 minutes
Let cool 15 minutes
Boil water, rum, and sugar
Cover cakes with syrup
Some overflow of batter in the oven when baking- rose too much before baking? Baked at 350 degrees for 20 minutes in small bundt pans
Cannoli- ricotta, honey, choc chips, chopped pistachios, milk – recipe from Italian website
-slice baba cakes, brush with more rum syrup, fill center with crème chantilly
finish chocolate cremeux tarts

Thursday 8/20
-half strawberry mousse recipe
-half puree- made rest of cream and meringue, easier to make meringue with more stuff
-chocolate brush all tart shells
-make more rhubarb compote- cook down on stove with water and sugar
-fill and frost mini lemon chiffon cakes
-fruit tarts
-with left over passion cream add left over meringue, whipped cream, top off tarts with little pastry cream, top with star fruit and berries

for tonight- make 2 trays sweet dough

dip éclairs in ganache
cover flourless chocolate cake with ganache

tomorrow- make mini chiffons, make espresso pot de crème

bake off tart shells, cut brownies

Friday 8/21
Chiffon Cakes
32 oz cake flour
1 oz baking powder
27 oz sugar
16 oz egg yolks
16 oz oil
8 oz water
9 oz lemon juice
1 oz vanilla
32 oz egg whites
14 oz sugar
1 t cream of tartar

bake 325 degrees, 20-25 minutes
I baked this chiffon sponge in 2 parchment lined sheet trays. The soup cup to me was an odd thing to bake in, as well as being too large for an individual serving of cake. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner to bake the layers and then use a round cutter to punch out the cakes. This way was a lot faster to bake, faster to cut, and less mess. It made a better sized cake and the layers I didn’t use that day I kept in the freezer and could take some out when we needed more.

Cut cheesecake triangles, drizzle with ganache
Banana sponge cakes- Roberto baked 4 thin layers in sheet pans and left me to finish. Maybe cream cheese frosting? Chocolate butter cream? Hazelnut paste for flavor? Drizzle/ decorate with chocolate when done?

Cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and hazelnut paste- for frosting

Tonight- cut brownies, lemon sq’s, dip éclairs, make pot de crème

Espresso pot de crème
3.5 oz 58% chocolate
4 cp espresso infused cream
1/8 T salt
6 yolks (3 oz)
½ cp sugar

Saturday 8/22
-deco brownies, lemon squares, 16 cookies- arrange on 3 tier server for party
-make lemon curd

Saffron Scented Pear Upside Down Cake –magazine recipe
1 cp sugar
¼ cp butter
14 oz pears
1 1/3 cp AP flour
1 ½ t baking powder
½ t ginger
½ t salt
¾ cp buttermilk
¼ cp oil
2 eggs
1 t vanilla
2 T crystallized ginger
pinch saffron threads

oven at 350 degrees
8” cake pan, spray, line with parchment
Pulse saffron and ¼ cp sugar in spice grinder
Paddle butter and saffron in mixer until fluffy, 3 minutes
Spread into bottom of cake pan
Peel pears, halve lengthwise, core, cut ¼” thick slices
Arrange pear slices over saffron butter
Whisk flour, ¾ cp sugar, baking powder, ginger and salt together
Whisk buttermilk, oil, eggs, and vanilla in separate bowl
Add milk to flour and whisk
Pour over pears
Bake until set, about 40 minutes
Let cool, flip to un-mold
My mom actually found this recipe in a magazine and I thought it sounded interesting. I asked Chef to get in some pears and finally I was able try it. I used fresh ginger because I did not have any crystallized, and I thought it would give it a crisper flavor than dried. The final product smelled and looked very pretty. The saffron orange swirled through the butter and made a lovely top of the cake. We tasted a slice and it was good, but the texture was kind of gummy. I asked Chef to try and he found it to be dense and asked about the ingredients. It was not until I retraced my steps and ingredients that I realized I had forgotten to add the oil! The cake was still servable, it actually went very quickly on the buffet, but I knew it was not the way it should be. I would have to wait a couple weeks to get more pears to try it again.

To use up left over oatmeal crumble topping I sliced up some apples and make to pies for the buffet. I used the pre-made pie shells, baked them and filled them with the apples tossed with some lemon juice, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a little flour. I mounded the topping on top because that is the best part of a crumble! With left over apple filling and topping, I made a small, bottomless crumble for the staff meal. Everyone loved it!
Sunday 8/23
-plate everything for buffet brunch
-cut pies for tonight
-make Italian buttercream

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