Internship CYC Week 1: June 24- 28

Wed 6/24
Chocolate Mousse Cake
9 lbs dark chocolate, melted
8 qt heavy cream

pate a bombe
2 lb 4 oz egg yolks
2 lb 4 oz sugar
36 sheets gelatin

Pour pate a bombe into whipped cream- temper cream first
Mix with hand
Add chocolate as stirring
Temper in gelatin (bloomed, mixed with 10 oz Kahlua)
Makes 12-14 cakes
9” pans are ready with chocolate sponge cake layer on bottom, drizzled with simple syrup
Finishing stirring mousse by hand
Pour mousse over sponge, cover with another layer sponge and press down level with mousse, simple syrup over sponge, cover with mousse
Tap on table to settle bubbles, smooth top with hand

-Cut lemon squares and plate with brownies and cookies for party of 20
-make cookie dough

Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies

2 lb butter
2 lb sugar
1 lb 8 oz brown sugar
10 eggs
3 lb pastry flour*
10 oz cocoa powder
½ oz baking soda
½ oz salt
2 lb 8 oz white chocolate chips
2 lb 8 oz macadamia nuts, coarsely chopped (optional)
½ oz Vanilla bean paste**

M.O.P – Creaming
*The kitchen at the club had A.P. and Cake flours. When a recipe called for pastry flour we did a 50/50 ratio of A.P. and Cake.
**Instead of vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste was used. It provided great vanilla flavor while also giving products the genuine look of vanilla with the specks of bean.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
900 g butter
750 g sugar
750 g brown sugar
20 g salt
450 g eggs
25 g vanilla
1500 g flour
20 g baking soda
1200 g chocolate chips

Scoop dough onto parchment lined sheets, cover in plastic wrap, freeze.

Lemon Chiffon Sponge Cake
1122 g cake flour
34 g baking powder
968 g sugar #1
zest 8 lemons
564 g oil
560 g egg yolks
642 g lemon juice
28 g vanilla
1128 g egg whites
482 g sugar #2
6 g cream of tartar
Sift dry ingredients, add sugar #1, add zest
Whisk liquids, add drys and whisk gently
Whip whites and c.o.t. and sugar #2 to medium peaks
Fold meringue into batter
Deposit into sprayed and parchment lined cake pans
Bake 335 degrees, check at 30 minutes
Yield 7, 9” cakes

Italian Buttercream
1165 g egg whites
2108 g sugar
694 g water
2356 g butter
vanilla to taste
lemon juice

Boil water, sugar and lemon juice to 240 degrees.
I preferred using lemon juice to corn syrup in combating crystallization; I found it worked well without an added sweetness.
While waiting for sugar, chop butter into small chunks.
In large Hobart bowl have whites ready, whipping on speed 2 when sugar reaches 215 degrees. When sugar reaches 230 degrees, move to speed 3.
At 240, stream sugar into whites as whipping, along side of bowl.
Whip until fluffy with stiff peaks and bowl is not warm to touch.
Add chunks of butter slowly as whipping. Will separate but come back together.
Continue whipping until light and fluffy. Add vanilla to taste, about 1/2 oz for this recipe.
Lemon Curd
13.2 oz sugar
7 oz egg yolks
7.2 oz lemon juice
1 T lemon zest
5.2 oz butter
Whisk sugar and juice, add yolks. Cook over water bath until reaches 185 degrees.
Deposit immediately into small hotel pan, stir to cool.
Add small chunks of butter and stir until incorporated.
Cover with plastic wrap touching top, put in cooler.
Keep up to one week.

Thursday 6/25
Cut, fill, crumb coat, and frost chiffon cakes
-6 out of 7 cakes usable- 2 were not fully baked- centers slightly gooey- patch with pieces from other layers
-Layer with blackberry jelly and fresh chopped blackberries
-Layer of lemon curd with buttercream dam
-Italian buttercream frost

plate lemon squares, cut brownies with round cutter- something different besides traditional squares, plate oreo cakes, and cheesecake

Chocolate Pate Sucree- for mini tart shells
.8 oz cocoa
2 oz butter
.5 oz egg yolk
5.6 oz AP flour

M.O.P. Creaming

18.25 oz chocolate
13.5 oz eggs
31.5 oz sugar
1 t salt
4 tsp vanilla
9 1/8 oz AP flour
9 1/8 oz Cake flour

Melt chocolate and butter

Whisk eggs and sugar over water bath
Whip in mixer until ribbon, add salt and vanilla
Pour chocolate into eggs, mix
Fold in flour
Yield half sheet pan
Bake 325 degrees ~30 minutes
Friday 6/26
-bake off 3 trays cookies
-Roberto making cheesecakes, bake in hotel pans in water bath at 325 degrees about 1 hour
-fill tart shells with pastry cream for fruit tarts, cut kiwi and strawberries, fill with blueberry. Spray on apricot glaze
-box up 50 cookies to send to Belmont-
The restaurant at Belmont harbor is small and doesn’t have a pastry chef so on Friday’s we bring them 50 cookies and 3 cakes

Cherry Clafoutis
10 cherries in each ramekin
120 g AP flour
4 pinches of salt
16 eggs
1000 ml milk
240 g sugar

whisk eggs, milk, and salt
whisk in flour. Batter will be very liquid.
Pour into ramekins and bake at 325 degrees for 35 minutes.
The first time I made this I was on my own and was not sure how the batter was supposed to be or the color and consistency I was looking for in the end product. I found the batter to be lumpy unless you whipped it using the kitchen aid mixer. It turned out I over baked the first batch; they should be just set in the middle and a golden yellow; mine were too dark. The cherries add moisture to the custard so it appears less set than it really is.
Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies
I adapted the recipe for a large quantity, the original x6

1 lb 6 ¼ oz AP flour
4.5 t baking powder
4.5 t baking soda
4.5 t cinnamon
1.5 t salt
18 oz butter
18 oz sugar
18 oz brown sugar
6 eggs
4.5 t vanilla
4.5 cp oats
3.5 cp chocolate chips
3 cp chopped pecans
3 cp sweetened coconut flakes

M.O.P. Creaming
Add eggs, vanilla
Whisk dry ingredients together , add and barely mix
Add coconut, oats, nuts, and chocolate chips
Mix to combine
Bake 350 degrees, 8 minutes
Upon Chef Good’s suggestion I will add chopped dried cherries and less chocolate chips the next time I make these cookies.
Mistakes- Next time I need to spray the parchment and pan, or brush with butter before baking.
-Make either a double recipe for a full sheet pan or a full recipe for a half sheet pan
-Don’t put ganache on top- it cracked off
-Don’t put in the cooler unwrapped
Saturday 6/27
Clafoutis- got too dark. Bake a little less or put sheet pan on top to stop further browning.

-Un box pies and bake
-Dip mini ├ęclairs in ganache and drizzle with white chocolate ganache
-decorate key lime pies, oreo pies, plate lemon squares, fruit tarts, and ├ęclairs
unmold all chocolate mousse cakes in freezer- let float in big bowl of hot water for 20 seconds then flip upside down over cake board and quickly rotate so cake slides out of pan. Flip over onto another cake board so is right side up. Leave 3 in the cooler and wrap remaining three for freezer.
-Plate one blue plate of cookies and have one of each fruit pie ready for buffet
-Take out 2 lemon chiffon cakes from freezer for Sunday buffets
-Tomorrow- Make double recipes of each Chocolate Chip and Cowboy Cookies, decorate cheesecakes and chocolate mousse cakes for buffets
-plate cakes for party- set up plates on counter, do saucing, then place cake, then do berries

Sunday 6/28
Plate up croissants, muffins, cheese and raspberry danishes, desserts, bagels for brunch by 11
This was my first Sunday and the first time I would be working all day on my own. I was unaware that in addition to having the desserts out by 1, I was also to have the breakfast pastries ready to go. It was kind of a scramble to get everything out and plated when I found this out at 10:30 that morning.
Plate fruit tarts, brownies, cut fruit pies from yesterday

Revised Cowboy Cookie Recipe- and Double Recipe (by weight)
44.6 oz flour 89.2 oz
1.6 oz baking powder 3.2 oz
2 oz baking soda 4 oz
.6 oz cinnamon 1.2 oz
.6 oz salt (1T) 1.2 oz
36 oz butter 72 oz
36 oz sugar 72 oz
36 oz brown sugar 72 oz
12 eggs 24 eggs
1.4 oz vanilla 2.8 oz
26.5 oz oats 53 oz
97 oz chocolate chips 194 oz
22.8 oz pecans 45.6 oz
19.5 oz coconut 39 oz
20 oz dried cherries 40 oz

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