Internship CYC Week 8: August 12-16

Wednesday 8/12
-make tropical pastry cream because tart shells soft, need new tarts

Pot de Crème
3 oz chocolate
4 cp cream (Infused 1 qt with 2 espresso pods- maybe less oily than regular coffee grounds)
1/8 T salt
6 yolks
½ cp sugar

Scald cream, pour over chocolate, add to whisked together eggs and sugar, bake

Roberto prepare zabaglione sauce- sabayon – to serve over cup of berries for party
-whipped 1 lb egg yolks and added 2 lb cooked sugar
-added about 12 oz dry champagne, 4 g gelatin
-whip until cool, dissolve gelatin in champagne, keep whipping, added a little cream of tartar to yolks and sugar

Double recipe chiffon for small cakes
16 oz cake flour
½ oz baking powder
13.5 oz sugar
8 oz oil
4 oz water
4 ½ oz lemon juice
½ oz vanilla
16 oz egg whites
7 oz sugar
½ t cream of tartar

Individual Flans- Suas recipe
Caramel- sugar, water, corn syrup

1 lb 3 7/8 oz milk (used 2% and half and half sub for whole milk)
3 ¾ oz sugar
2/3 ea vanilla
2/3 t salt
8 ¼ oz eggs

Scald milk, sugar and salt. Temper into eggs, bake 300 degrees in water bath.
It was the Barcelona Port of Call buffet and they asked me to prepare some flan and cannoli as special desserts. Had I known ahead of time I would have researched some typical Catalan desserts to prepare.
The flan I baked in little glass bowls, 1” diameter. The pouring of the caramel into the bottom was a little messy and some got on the sides, but it didn’t affect the final product. I thought they looked cute and were a great individual size for the buffet. I did hear back the next day that one woman said “This is not how flan is supposed to be.” She was referencing the size. I would have liked to ask her how many places she has eaten flan like it’s a slice of cake and not an individual dessert. It was for the buffet after all, and why not make it easy for guests to take one serving without making a mess.

Mini Cannoli
-ricotta cheese with powdered sugar, finely chopped pieces of chocolate- small enough to fit through piping tip
-pipe into pre-made cannoli shells, dust with powdered sugar

-Filled and frosted 10 small chiffon cakes, extra sponge in freezer

-make candied zest
Thursday 8/13
-julienne and bake zest
-bake biscotti
-prep for pasta bar buffet

Banana Rum Pie- double recipe
2 pre baked pie shells
24 oz sugar
12 T cornstarch
7 cp whole milk
¾ t salt
6 oz egg yolks
¾ cp golden rum
6 oz butter
2 cp heavy cream
2T rum
2T powdered sugar

Combine milk, sugar, starch, salt and vanilla, heat up
Temper into yolks, cook to boil
Add rum and butter
Cool, pour into pie shell
Push in halved bananas
Top with whipped cream (with powdered sugar and rum)

This pie was extremely tasty, but the filling was a little loose. Next time I would add more starch or let it set up longer before serving on the buffet.
Orange Poppy Seed Cake
9 cp cake flour
4.5 t salt
6 t baking soda
3 t baking powder
1.5 cp poppy seeds
4.5 cp butter
7.5 cp sugar
12 t orange zest
24 eggs, separated
4 cp sour cream
4 T vanilla
1.5 t cream of tartar

Combine flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder, and poppy seeds
Cream butter and 6 cp sugar and zest until fluffy
Whisk yolks, sour cream, and vanilla, beat into butter alternately with flour
Beat white and cream of tartar with sugar
Fold meringue into batter
Bake 350 degrees 40 minutes

Friday 8/14
-Prep lunch buffet desserts
-Bake croissants
-3 cakes/ 50 cookies for Belmont
-bake cookies
-oreo pies
-banana custard
-orange poppy seed cake- fill and frost

-fruit tarts
3 banana custard pies
add triple sec to orange caramel syrup for poppy seed cakes
-decorated and cut poppy cake
-cut 2 oreo pies, chocolate mousse cake, plate lemon squares
-bake off chocolate tart shells
-decorate cake for birthday order

Saturday 8/15
-decorate and cut poppy seed cakes for buffet

-need crème anglaise sauce for plated desserts
-fruit tarts
-lemon squares
-need pastry cream

Chocolate coconut cheesecake squares
6 lb 4 oz graham crumbs
3 lb 12 oz coconut
30 oz 62% chocolate
12 oz 58% chocolate
40 oz sugar
3 oz sugar (goes with chocolate)
24 oz butter
18 eggs
30 yolks (15 oz)
4 lb 8 oz cream cheese
chopped almonds and coconut on top

butter and parchment line pan
stir crumbs and 40 oz coconut
melt chocolates and 3 oz sugar, add butter
whisk in 6 eggs to chocolate
add chocolate to coconut/crumbs, press into pan, bake
beat cream cheese and sugar
add eggs and yolks
top with 20 oz coconut
bake 325 degrees, 40 minutes

-cut/deco cheesecake for tonight
-chocolate dipped strawberries
-put big cookies in little cookie bags- 260 big cookies- for regatta
-tomorrow need mini tarts- strawberry mousse

Sunday 8/16
-fruit tarts
-cheesecake squares
-keylime, oreo, peanut butter pies
-make more parchment cones
-should make choc chip/cowboy/butter cookie doughs
-make brownies for regatta desserts to go

Cocoa Brownies
120 oz butter
240 oz sugar
150 oz cocoa
6 t salt
12 t vanilla
96 oz AP flour
48 eggs

Combine cocoa, butter, and sugar over water bath
Add vanilla then eggs, then flour
Bake 20-25 minutes
These were the weirdest brownies. The batter was black and thick and tar-like. It didn’t spread into the pan; I kind of spread it around with my hands. After baking they formed a rock hard crust on top, but when I flipped them over they were chewy on the inside. The recipe made 2 sheet trays that I cut and bagged for the regatta outdoor buffet. There must have been a problem, like not enough butter, that made the batter the consistency it was. Won’t use this recipe again!
Strawberry Mousse- half recipe
156 g puree
3.5 g gelatin
106 g cream
28.3 g egg whites
39.6 g sugar
I made this Italian meringue by hand because it was such a small amount of egg whites and sugar. I had someone help me by pouring in the cooked sugar as I whisked. I found the final product was not as fluffy as with the larger recipe.

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