Internship CYC Week 10: August 26-30

Wednesday 8/26
Prep pastry cream for tarts

Chocolate cremeux- ½ recipe
134 g cream
2 g gelatin
32 g yolks
58 g chocolate
28 g sugar

Frangipane Pear tart
Spread raspberry jam on bottom of unbaked tart shell
Top with frangipane filling
Top with poaches pears
Bake 375 degrees 25-30 minutes

Poached Pears
2 part red wine
1 part sugar
cinnamon sticks
orange slices
star anise
Peel pears, liquid to cover, bring to boil, simmer until soft

Frangipane filling
8 ½ oz butter
8 ½ oz sugar
3 7/8 oz eggs
8 ½ oz almond flour
2 5/8 oz bread flour
½ oz rum
+/- 10 oz pastry cream

Made double recipe saffron pear upside down cake- baked in two small loaf pans

Thursday 8/27
-bake brownies
-plate for buffet tonight

Frangipane tart
-roll extra pate sucree to line 3 tart shells, leave in cooler
-cook down some cherries; add a little cornstarch and brown sugar, in cooler
-spread layer on bottom of chilled tart shell
-make another recipe of frangipane, add pastry cream
-top tart shell with frangipane
-slice fans of pears
-top tarts with pears
-bake 300 degrees, 45-50 minutes
-glaze with apricot glaze, let cool
-cut into 16 slices

cut upside down cakes, still slightly dense cake but good flavor

plate and cut cakes, fruit tarts, bread pudding

Friday 8/28
-replenish tartlets- make strawberry mousse
-make layer cake with vanilla sponge, layer of lemon curd, layer of strawberry mousse, let rest in freezer, frost with whipped cream

-cut brownies for Belmont order
-plate up items for parties
-dip 60 strawberries
-strawberry mousse cake out of freezer- frost with whipped cream- cut tomorrow
-scoop peanut butter cookie dough and freeze

make cakes for tomorrow?
Chocolate layer cake filled with strawberry white chocolate cream with fresh berries, frosted with plain whipped cream
Chocolate whipped cream cake with chocolate sponge and strawberries

Saturday 8/29
-need tart shell dough
-need pastry cream
-prep for buffet- cakes, lemon squares

Make nut bread for party tomorrow
Ganache top of peanut butter parfaits
Prep cakes for tomorrow buffet

Blueberry Apple Bread
2 lb 10 oz apples, peeled and diced
1 lb 14 oz sugar
4 oz oil
5 eggs
1 lb 4 oz bread flour
1 lb 4 oz pastry flour
1 oz baking powder
½ oz baking soda
½ oz cinnamon
1 lb 2 oz blueberries
12 oz chopped walnuts

Mix apple, oil and sugar on low with paddle until combined
Add eggs, mix well
Sift dry ingredients, add and mix to combine
Add blueberries and nuts, mix
Divide into 4 small, buttered, loaf pans
Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes
This bread was needed for a lunch party the next morning. Chef Good found this in one of his old Kendall baking books and had me use it for the “nut bread” the party called for. I was an past an hour overtime already and felt confident leaving with 20 minutes on the timer, I had left cakes before and the Chef or Sous Chef would take them out for me without a problem. About 2 hours later I got a text message at home saying I needed to make more bread in the morning; that it had burnt. I was upset because it took me a long time to prep the ingredients for the bread and knew I would just have to do it all over again in 10 hours. It turns out when the timer went off, for whatever reason, none of the trusty people I told took the bread out of the oven. In the morning we tried cutting off the burned top, sides, and bottom, but it was basically inedible. It was ok to serve to staff, but I was not going to serve it to guests. I remade the bread and it turned out perfectly. I learned not to leave until everything is out of the oven.

Sunday 8/30
Remake apple nut bread
Prep for buffet

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