Internship CYC Week 5: July 22- 26

Wednesday 7/22
Roberto bake carrot cake for wedding tasting
Cut cappuccino brownies for buffet and party

Prep cheesecakes
Bake off cookies
Prep 7 fruit tarts, 7eclairs, 10 cannoli, cookies and brownies for boat party later

Roll out dough for lemon squares
Make 2 trays of lemon bars to use for this week
Make 9 cherry clafoutis, bake at 325 degrees for 20-30 minutes

Honey Cinnamon Frosting- marthastewart.com
1 ¼ cp powdered sugar 96 oz
½ cp butter 96 oz
1 T honey ¾ cp
1/8 t cinnamon 1.5 t
I wanted a simple buttercream that would compliment the flavor of some banana cupcakes. I ended up adding more cinnamon than it called for; I preferred a clearer cinnamon flavor. It also helped cut some of the butteryness. It ended up being pretty tasty and I had a lot left over from the large recipe I made.
Chocolate Pot de Crème
9 3/8 oz cream
1 7/8 oz eggs
1 7/8 oz sugar
5/8 oz cocoa liquor
2 ¼ oz 60% chocolate

Boil cream, whisk eggs and sugar
Temper eggs with cream
Add to chocolate
Pour into molds
Bake at 300 degrees in bain marie for 30 minutes
I was using this recipe from class to create the espresso pot de crème I wanted to add to the dessert menu. I infused the cream with one espresso pod, which was about 8 g. I did not have cocoa liquor so I just added more dark chocolate in lieu of it. I found the addition of the coffee made the final product slightly different than I expected- it made a crust on top. It might have been from the acidity or oil from the beans. Not the final product I was looking for.
Thursday 7/23
Prep for buffet- lemon squares, fruit tarts
Chiffon sponge cakes- 6, 9”
Cowboy cookie dough- double recipe

Friday 7/24
-fondant coat cake for wedding tasting

Orange Cream Cheese Filling for cakes- epicurious.com
36 oz sugar
18 oz egg yolks
10.8 oz cornstarch
9 T orange zest- 4 oranges
3 cp cream
6 lb cream cheese

Combine sugar, yolks, starch, and zest
Whisk in orange juice and cream
Cook until thick and boiling
Let cool
Whip in cream cheese

Orange Caramel Syrup and Frosting
100 oz sugar
5 cp water
70 oz orange juice

160 oz cream cheese
40 oz butter
10 oz powdered sugar
7.5 t vanilla

Boil sugar and water to a medium caramel
Add orange juice, boil again
Save 40 oz for frosting and use other portion as simple syrup for cake layers
Cream cream cheese and butter until smooth, add sugar and vanilla and orange caramel
This recipe I found online and wanted to try because besides sounding tasty it was going to be a different flavor/ kind of cake than the patrons of the club were used to. I enjoyed presenting them with new desserts. As I diner I know I grow tired of the same things so I was happy to offer a new option. This recipe was way too much for the 6 cakes. I used about half of the orange cream filling and about a quarter of the simple syrup.
Saturday 7/25
Venetian Night
-finish everything needed for tonight
-fruit tarts, frost/decorate/cut cakes, pies, plate cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc
-serve and maintain buffet
We had at least 12 of the 6 kinds of cakes we were serving, as well as plates of cookies, brownies, éclairs, fruit tarts, lemon squares, cupcakes, and various pies. It felt as busy as 3rd of July but the rush ended earlier. I was able to go outside and watch some of the decorated/lit up boats parade past.

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