Internship CYC Week 12: September 9-13

Wednesday 9/9
-Roberto baked carrot muffins, carrot cake, and cheesecakes

Chocolate coconut cheesecake squares- 1 full, 1 half sheet pan
37.5 oz graham crumbs
15.5 oz coconut- 6.75 separate
18.75 oz chocolate
3.4 oz - with chocolate
3 eggs
9 oz butter
18 eggs
18 oz yolks
54 oz cream cheese
36 oz sugar
2 oz vanilla
I always have trouble finding the right ratio of crust to cheesecake in this recipe. Each time I make it the crust must turn out being a different thickness. This time I made two and a half sheet trays. I tried making it thinner so the topping could be thicker. In turn, the topping I made following the double recipe was not enough, and I had to make double that to have enough to fill my trays. I sprinkled coconut and some extra crumbs on top because I had no almonds. I added some vanilla to the cheesecake part to make it taste a little less “eggy.”
made tray of brownies

Banana sponge cake with citrus cream cheese frosting
9 lb cream cheese
1 lb butter
zest 5 lemon
1 orange
3 cp powdered sugar
1 T vanilla

Thursday 9/10
Scoop 50 each lemon, mango, passion fruit sorbet for party
-put pan of ice under sheet trays to help keep them cold as finish scooping the rest
-keep in freezer, put bowls in freezer, just before service put one of each flavor into bowls with mint leaf

15 chocolate dipped strawberries, cookies, brownies for party

need to make pot de crème

cut and decorate banana cake- small rectangles, candy lemon zest –make fine dice, sprinkle on top of cake

plate up green tea cake- very tall, thick layers

Pizza Dough
5.5lb flour
1500 ml cold water
75 g fresh yeast
75 g salt
50 g sugar

All in, mix at speed 1 for 3 minutes, then speed 2 for 7 minutes
23 oz dough for each sheet pan
bench rest, punch out, roll- very stretchy and thin- super difficult to roll to size of sheet pan
un-roll into oiled sheet pan, brush top with oil, herbs and garlic
bake 350 degrees for about 10 minutes
ready for other chefs to use to make pizzas- top with marinara sauce, cheese, veggies, meat and bake again

Frangipane filling in tart crust, top with poached pears, bake 400 degrees for 7 min, lower to 300 degrees for around 40 minutes
There is a problem with the ovens when it gets busy in the kitchen; people put things in and change the temperatures without asking or letting people know. That causes items of mine to either burn or take forever to bake, and this tart was no exception. The oven temperature was too high and when I switched to the lower oven, someone pulled out the tray by accident and the tart slid half way off. The tart was saved, for the most part, just not servable to guests. Luckily Scott, who caught the falling tart with his wrist, was not burned too badly. It made for a nice staff dessert.

Friday 9/11
-box cookies for Belmont
-make pot de crème
-make lemon zest for chiffon cakes
-make red velvet cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes

Yellow Butter cake for cupcakes
24 oz butter
26 oz sugar
1 1/3 t salt
15 oz eggs
7.5 t baking powder
30 oz milk
½ oz vanilla
30 oz cake flour

creaming method
yields 50 cupcakes
I was really happy with the way these cupcakes turned out. They were really moist and had good flavor.

Make lemon curd for mini chiffon cakes
Saturday 9/12
Wedding shower luncheon , 75 assorted cupcakes
-frost vanilla cupcakes with Italian buttercream- cross between zinnia and mum
got directions from marthastewart.com -frost cupcakes with green frosting
dab ½” dot for center- hershey kiss- to anchor petals
#80 fluted tip U, hold at 45 degree angle, squeeze bag, and pull- repeat around, 2 layers around, petals shorter as go in
-green on top as base then Hershey kiss center in brownish/red, yellow, white, orange, and pink petals
-white buttercream on top of red velvet, sprinkle with couple candy silver balls on top
I was really excited to decorate these cupcakes for the wedding shower. The party sheet had no information about anything specific like the bride’s colors or and flavored cake they wanted, so I didn’t have much to go on. I browsed the Martha Stewart website for some ideas and thought the piped flowers were really cute. I was happy with the way they turned out, for the first time doing it. I finished early and was able to help bring them out to the dining room as they were setting up for the shower. We set one at each place setting on the tables, alternating colors and mixing in the 25 red velvets. It was really special to hear the mother and family’s reaction when seeing them, I could tell they were happy with them and glad that I made something special for them. The party also requested a dessert buffet with lemon squares, brownies, cookies, and fresh fruit. For a ladies lunch of 75, I thought there was a lot of dessert; proof being the full plates that were left when the party was over.

Make Italian buttercream, fill/ frost mini chiffon cakes

Fruit tarts
Cakes/cookies for buffet
Sunday 8/13
Prep brunch buffet

Chef wanted me to play around to come up with a recipe for a cinnamon ice cream soufflé that a party requested for a dessert. He said it was basically cinnamon ice cream and cream, whipped and frozen, in an oreo crumb crust. I also tried it in a graham crust. I made the crust and baked it in soup cups then piped the whipped up cream and ice cream. I added a little more cinnamon to enhance the flavor.
8 oz graham cracker
1 ¾ oz melted butter

8 oz oreo crumbs
1 oz melted butter

24 oz cinnamon ice cream
18.75 oz cream
2 dashes cinnamon

melted ice cream and cream, whip like 10 minutes

Make lemon filling for lemon squares, pour into pre-baked shell in cooler- don’t have to move and spill

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