Internship CYC Week 11: September 2- 6

Wednesday 9/2
-strawberry mousse for tarts
-espresso pot de crème
-frosted/filled 10 mini chiffon cakes

Port of Call city is Miami for tonight’s buffet
-Roberto made flan, tres leches cake, bread pudding

to go party tonight- 30 mini desserts- fruit tarts, éclairs, brownies

decorate 2 birthday plates for guests- write happy birthday in chocolate, slice of cake, sauce, berries

chocolate dip strawberries

Thursday 9/3
Pasta bar buffet- cakes, cookies, fruit tarts

Chocolate Lover’s Obsession x1.5
400 g 80% fat butter (plugra) 600 g
360 g 60-70% chocolate 540 g
400 g powdered sugar 600 g
160 g egg yolks and vanilla 240 g
400 g whole eggs 600 g
200 g sifted cake flour 300 g

oven at 400 degrees
ramekins buttered or sprayed
melt butter and chocolate separately, then whisk together
whisk eggs and vanilla
sift flour and sugar separately
when at room temp, whisk chocolate/butter into egg mixture
fold in sugar, then flour
ladle into ramekins 2/3 full
bake 8-12 minutes
This version of chocolate lava cake was another one of Chef Good’s from his Kendall days. I needed 17 for a party that evening. I scooped the batter into the ramekins and left it in the cooler. Before I left I took them out to come to room temperature, they were going to bake them about an hour after I left. They flipped them out onto dessert plates and served with sauce and some berries.

Green Tea Opera Cake – playing with sponge recipes
Green tea joconde- sheet pan, cut in 4
2 layers green tea buttercream, 4 layers sponge, 1 layer ganache

glacage for opera cake
dark coating chocolate 100%
64% couverture 40%
salad oil 14%

Biscuit Viennois
7 7/8 oz almond meal
1 7/8 oz yolks
3 1/3 oz eggs
7 oz whites
¾ oz sugar
1 5/8 oz cake flour
1 5/8 oz pastry flour

Sift flours
Combine almond, yolks and eggs- whip on high speed until triple in volume
Make medium stiff meringue with egg whites and sugar
Fold meringue into egg mix, fold in flour
Deposit onto lined sheet pan, spread out
Bake 400 degrees for 7 minutes
I found this recipe in my Suas book and thought I could adapt it for the green tea sponge we were looking for. I ended up using 10 g of matcha powder and a total of 4 oz of eggs. The matcha is very dry and made the cake batter almost impossible to spread. Not a good recipe to work with.

Joconde Sponge
7 oz almond meal
6 oz powdered sugar
2 oz cake flour
9.5 oz whole eggs
6.5 oz egg whites
20 g sugar

Sift flour and powdered sugar
Paddle almond flour and eggs, lighten up batter, beat 3 minutes
Whip whites with sugar
Fold together, bake 375 degrees for 7 minutes
This recipe was one I found in a notebook from my Advanced Pastries class with Chef Brooks that I knew would work. I added 1.5 oz matcha powder and .5 oz cake flour; substituting the tea powder for the flour because it was so drying. This one worked very well and had a great chartreuse color, as well as great tea flavor. Upon Chef’s suggestion next time I will add a little vanilla to the batter next time. He also thought the sponge should be a little bit thicker.

Green Tea Italian Buttercream
1500 g sugar
lemon juice
750 g egg whites
2250 g butter
4.5 t matcha (to taste)

layer cake
green tea butter cream
dark chocolate/ white chocolate ganache
butter cream

Friday 9/4
-roll out tart shell dough
-poach pears in left over poaching syrup
-make brownies

make 6 tart shells
rehydrate 1 cp raisins in rum, rehydrate dried cranberries, combine
mix with some frangipane filling, 7 oz each tart, spread across bottom
top with slices of apples that we tossed with sugar and cinnamon
bake until crust brown and apples soft
top with apricot glaze
I’m not sure the variety of apples that I was using but they were not very juicy and seemed to puff up when they baked. The flavor of this tart was really good, next time I would add more frangipane filling and try using a sweeter, juicier apple.

Double recipe joconde sponge- use 3 oz green tea- no flour
-was pretty thick sponge, make opera cake with thick layers. too big!

Saturday 9/5
1.5x’s recipe for lava/chocolate obsession cake for another party of 15
-scoop into cups keep in cooler, spray cups well so come out easily

buffet tonight- fruit tarts, cookies

make chocolate chip cookie dough tonight

Labor day weekend- need lots of desserts- not working Monday
At least 4 chocolate cakes, 4 flourless chocolate, 1 coconut cake, 6 apple tarts, 4 oreo, 4 key lime, 4 flan, 7 fruit pies, 3 cheesecakes, lemon squares, cookies, brownies

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