Internship CYC Week 7: August 5-9

Wednesday 8/5
Dessert Menu prep for Friday
Pot de Crème
-need infused coffee cream
-orange almond biscotti

green tea cake- need matcha powder
-green tea sponge
-green tea buttercream
-dark choc ganache

lemon chiffon
-chiffon cakes
- Italian buttercream

-prepare fruit filling

-tropical fruit pastry cream

-rhubarb compote

-Roberto made churros for port of call buffet

Thursday 8/6
Pasta bar tonight
-help Roberto make 8 cheesecakes

Espresso Pot de Crème
265.8 g cream
53.1 g eggs
53 g sugar
78 g dark chocolate

boil cream, temper into eggs and sugar
add to melted chocolate
pour into espresso cups, bake in water bath
oven at 275 degrees, for 30 minutes

Italian butter cream for chiffon cakes
925 g whites
1665 g sugar
1853 g butter

Lemon curd for chiffon cake
13.2 oz sugar
7 oz yolks
7.2 oz lemon juice
5.2 oz butter

cook to 185 degrees

2 lb 10 oz chocolate
3 lb 12 oz butter
2 lb 10 oz eggs
3 lb sugar
10.5 g salt
1.5 oz vanilla
1.5 lb bread flour
6 g baking powder

Chocolate Pot de Crème
3 oz chocolate
4 cp cream
1/8 T salt
6 yolks
½ cp sugar

Scald cream, pour over chocolate
Add to whisked egg and sugar
Bake 300 degrees for 40 minutes until set
I infused the cream with 8 g of espresso powder. I baked the custard in espresso cups.
Pate Sucree
1 lb 8 oz butter
5 ea eggs
12 oz sugar
2 lb 4 lb pastry flour
The dough was too warm when I was rolling it out and it stuck to the table.
-Candied zest for garnish for chiffon cakes, recipe from class

Friday 8/7
Strawberry Mousse
Strawberry puree100% 22.3 oz
Gelatin 2.39% .5 oz
Cream 67.2% 15 oz
Egg whites 17.91% 3.99 oz
Sugar 25.37% 5.6 oz
Water 7.46% 1.66 oz

Whip cream to soft peaks and hold in cooler
Bloom gelatin
Make Italian meringue
Warm puree to 100 degrees
Warm little bit of pure to 120 degrees, add gelatin, temper into rest of puree
When meringue is room temp, fold into puree
At 80-85 degrees, fold in whipped cream

Half recipe
11 oz puree
¼ oz gelatin
7.5 oz cream
2 oz whites
2.8 oz sugar

Rhubarb compote
200 g rhubarb
50 g sugar

boil down, put in small molds, in freezer

Tropical Fruit Pastry Cream
276 g 2% milk
92 g passion fruit puree
92 g banana puree
92 g mango puree
138 g sugar
39 g cornstarch
110 g egg yolks
67 g butter

Whisk together starch, sugar, purees, and egg yolks
Scald milk, temper into egg mixture
Cook to a full boil
Deposit into hotel pan, mix in small pieces of butter
Cover with plastic touching top, in cooler

Orange Almond Biscotti
312 g bread flour
312 g cake flour
12 g baking powder
4 g baking soda
5 g salt
4 eggs
1 T vanilla
285 g sugar
170 g almonds, sliced
6 g orange zest
juice of ½ orange
egg wash

Using the paddle on speed 2, combine eggs and sugar, add vanilla and juice
Sift dry ingredients
When the eggs are pale, add the dry ingredients slowly
Divide dough into loaves, will be sticky
Roll into logs and flatten out slightly, want square edge on top
Give light egg wash and bake 325 degrees
Cut into thin slices, bake 20 minutes for slight crunch

Final preparation of plated desserts
-brush tart shells with chocolate, white chocolate, and coconut cream
-make cremeux, pour, chill
-julienned zest, baked 5 mins to make crisp
-mixed rice krispies with some melted chocolate, spread out on parchment
pot de crème- not happy with recipe from before with whole eggs- was kind of grainy and runny, new recipe better- creamy and thick
problem melting chocolate with coffee cream- maybe coffee oil is reacting differently with the 62% chocolate? Added some 58% chocolate and it was a little better
-piped passion fruit cream into coconut brushed tart shell, topped with small dice kiwi and mango

-strawberry tart- thin slices strawberry on top, un mold rhubarb compote and put on bottom of shell, leave in cooler. Shell white choc brushed, make strawberry mousse, pipe into shells, in cooler, top w/ thin slice of berry

-chocolate tart- put small bunch chocolate krispies in center, tap knife with gold dust over top

-individual lemon chiffon cakes- small chiffon sponge baked in soup cups. Sliced in half, filled with lemon curd, frost with thin layer Italian buttercream, white chocolate sprinkles on side. Candied zest on top, few berries on top

Saturday 8/8
Prep for buffet- plate and cut cookies, cakes, pies, etc
Make Italian bc for birthday cake order for Sunday- chocolate cake, dark ganache center with strawberries, orange caramel simple syrup
Bake cookies

Sunday 8/9
Prep for brunch and dinner buffets

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