Internship CYC Week 4: July 15-19

Wednesday 7/15
Need sugar cookies for kids party

Sugar Cookies- yields 40, 4” star cut cookies
8 oz butter 24 oz
10 oz sugar 30 oz
1 t salt 3 t
2 oz egg 6 oz
2 oz milk 6 oz
¼ oz vanilla 1 oz
1 lb 4 oz cake flour 60 oz
.625 oz baking powder 1.875 oz
We needed at least 150 cookies for the children’s event that evening. I made the original recipe and found it made roughly 40 cookies, so I made another batch x3.
I also had to prepare some small bowls of colored and chocolate sprinkles, gummy worms, and pop rocks for the kids to decorate their cookies with. We provided them with purchased cans of frosting with decorating tips attached.

-Items ready for buffet
-fruit tarts
-Make chiffon cakes for tomorrow, large recipe
-Slice and bake one tray of citrus butter cookies
-fill/frost/decorate cakes

Chiffon Sponge Cake- Vanilla/Lemon
1122 g cake flour
34 g baking powder
968 g sugar #1
564 g yolks
642 g water/ lemon juice
28 g vanilla
1128 g egg whites
482 g sugar #2
6 g cream of tartar

Spray and parchment line 7, 9” cake pans
Whisk flour, baking powder, and sugar #1 together
In a separate bowl, whisk sugar and water/lemon juice, add egg yolks
In Hobart mixing bowl whip egg whites and c.o.t. , add sugar #2, whip until glossy peaks
Gently whisk flour mixture into egg mixture
Using hand or spatula, gently fold meringue into batter
Portion into cake pans and bake in 335 degree oven for around 40 minutes
Test with skewer for doneness, let cool then un-mold
I helped plate some appetizers for the party that evening

Thursday 7/16
Roberto making Vanilla sponge cake

Vanilla Sponge
4 lb egg yolks
4 lb whole eggs
4 lb sugar
3 lb white chocolate, melted
1 qt oil
1 lb butter, melted
2 lb egg whites
1 lb sugar
4 lb 4 oz cake flour

Whip eggs, yolks, and sugar to ribbon until fluffy
In separate bowl, mix melted white chocolate and oil
Whip the egg whites and second sugar
Fold cake flour into eggs, add meringue, and fold in melted butter at end
Deposit into sprayed cake pans and bake

Lemon Filling for lemon squares
3 lb sugar
1 qt egg yolks
1 qt lemon juice
15 sheets gelatin
3 lb sour cream

Mix sugar and lemon juice, add egg yolks
Cook over water bath until thick, reaches 185 degrees
Transfer to mixing bowl, add bloomed gelatin
Add sour cream and mix until no lumps
Pour into baked shell of pate sucree
Yields full sheet pan
The first time I made these on my own I poured the filling to the top of the shell. Then I realized I had to get it into the cooler. I did my best and only managed to get a few splashes of lemon on the floor and my shoes.

Friday 7/17
Bake off 3 trays cookies each
Make cookie plate for buffet
Box up 70 cookies to go for tomorrow
Make 2 trays fruit tarts
Cut and plate lemon squares

Citrus Diamonds x4 recipe
98 oz butter
39 oz powdered sugar
8 oz vanilla
10 oz yolks
110 oz bread flour
zest 8 lemon/lime/orange

Graham Cracker Crust
1 lb graham crumbs
8 oz sugar
8 oz butter, melted

2 lb 4.5 oz cream cheese
11 oz sugar
1.75 oz butter
.75 oz lemon juice
.25 oz vanilla
9.5 oz eggs
3.25 oz cream
3.25 oz sour cream

Paddle cream cheese and butter
Add sugar and lemon
Add eggs and vanilla
Add sour cream, then heavy cream

Add some blueberry puree to some of the batter. Put little bit of this into bottom of small round silicone molds. Top with regular batter then small round of graham crust on top, unbaked. Bake on sheet tray in water bath. Same way did it in class.
Take out cheesecakes from mold- Look liked flying saucers. The cream cheese was probably over whipped- souffléed too much. Cookie was too thick and spread too much over the top when it baked. After un-molding I re-cut the cookie bases with the round cutter. Next time I would paddle the cream cheese for longer at a low speed to get out ALL the lumps and have everything at room temperature before I began. I would also make the cookie thinner and maybe bake it separately. I would add less puree to the batter or I would swirl the two batters more before baking. A larger mold might work better as well.

Dark chocolate ganache
2 lb 12 oz dark chocolate
1 qt cream

Chocolate Coconut Cheesecake Squares- marthastewart.com
2 cps graham cracker crumbs
3 cps coconut
2 oz milk chocolate
1 cp + 3 T sugar
4 oz butter
3 eggs
5 yolks
12 oz cream cheese

Butter pan, line with parchment and let it overhang on the sides, butter the parchment
Stir the crumbs and coconut (2 cp)
Melt the chocolate with 3T sugar, and then add the butter
Remove from heat and whisk in 1 egg
Add chocolate to coconut/crumbs and stir, press into pan and bake 10 minutes
Beat cream cheese and sugar
Add egg yolks and eggs
Pour over crust
Top with remaining coconut (1 cp)
Bake until top is set and the coconut is golden, around 40 minutes
Oven at 325 degrees
Let cool then keep in cooler
I first tried this recipe x1.5 hoping it would fit well in a half sheet pan. It ended up filling that as well as some small fleximolds and a pie tin. At the time I only had crushed sugar cookie crumbs that I combined with some pre-made graham crusts that I crushed. I had dark chocolate instead of milk, and sweetened instead of desiccated coconut. I thought some sliced almonds on top would add a nice crunch and add make the bar cookie taste even more like the Almond Joy/ Mounds candy bar it was said to mimic.
25 oz cookie crumbs
15 oz coconut
12.5 oz dark chocolate
10 oz + .75 oz sugar
6 oz butter
4.5 eggs
7.5 yolks
18 oz cream cheese

Un-mold half sheet pan of brownies, make caramel nut topping and put on top of brownies- recipe from class
Cut into small squares

Cut coconut cheesecake with fluted round cutter, drizzle with chocolate ganache

Sunday 7/18
-chocolate mousse cake for buffet

-heat up 1 tray each baked goods
-prep fruit tarts
-dip éclairs

Coffee Ganache
1 lb 1 ¼ oz cream
2 1/8 oz corn syrup
¾ cp ground coffee
1 lb 8 5/8 oz 58% chocolate

Infuse cream with coffee
Add to melted chocolate

Cappuccino Brownies- epicurious.com
1 /2 cp butter
3 oz chocolate
1 ½ cp sugar
3 eggs
1 T espresso powder
1 ½ t vanilla
1 ¼ t salt
¾ cp AP flour (6 oz)

White Chocolate Ganache
6 oz white chocolate
5 T cream
¼ t cinnamon

Oven at 325 degrees, parchment line pan
Melt butter and chocolate
Whisk in sugar, then eggs
Add espresso, vanilla, and salt
Fold in sifted flour
Bake 35 minutes
Pour white chocolate ganache over top and sprinkle with cinnamon
Yields 8x8 pan
I know that spatial reasoning is not my strong suit and looking at the recipe didn’t help me much in estimating how much of the quarter sheet pan I would fill. I asked one of the cooks, a Kendall graduate, and he thought it would fill the pan. Strangely enough when I poured the batter in, it barely covered the bottom of the pan. I figured I would need at least 4x’s as much to fill the pan. In making the second batch of batter, I was clearly distracted because when I poured it on top of the other batter in the pan; I noticed there was a difference. I traced my steps and looked at my ingredient list and realized I had forgotten to add one of the most important ingredients in brownies- the sugar. The batter was thick and goopy, not smooth and dark like the way the first batch was. In an attempt to save what I had just spent much time and ingredients on, I literally scooped the batter back into the mixing bowl and folded in the sugar. I noticed it thinned out some more and was worried about over mixing, but I thought it was worth a shot instead of just throwing it all in the garbage. I baked it and it looked and tasted fine. I topped it with the ganache and sprinkled on the cinnamon. Everyone loved these brownies actually, saying that they really did remind them of a cappuccino.

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  1. Nice! Did it really taste like capuccino? You are such a talented chef!