Internship CYC Week 3: July 7-12

Tuesday 7/7
Jumbleberry Pie- recipe from epicurious.com
3 cp blackberries
3 cp blueberries
2 ½ cp raspberries
1/3 cp cornstarch
1 ½ cp sugar
¼ cp lemon juice
1/8 t nutmeg
1/8 t cinnamon
1 T butter to dot top
half and half to brush on top
I was not happy with this filling after it baked. It was fully cooled but was just too juicy to serve. I cut it and served it at employee meal, even then people said it was too wet and soupy. Would be great at home with some ice cream, just not good for a buffet!

Roll out tart shell dough and cut rounds for individual tartlet shells
Chill dough and fill shells with beans and bake at 350 degrees around 10 minutes, rotating tray midway through

Almond Tuile Cookies- to serve as bowls for ice cream for party
1 lb 2 oz sugar
1 lb 2 oz AP flour
1.5 lb butter
2 cp corn syrup
1 lb 2 oz almonds
1 T vanilla

Cream butter, sugar, and vanilla
Add flour, corn syrup, and almonds
-scoop dough onto sheet tray to portion tuiles
-use small soup bowl for cup base
-spray back of sheet pan, put 6 scoops on each, into oven at 350 degrees around 7-8 minutes
-mold over soup cups, let set, put on another sheet tray to cool

Make 11 cherry clafoutis, bake 325 degrees for 30 minutes
Make chocolate/white choc chip cookies
Prep 6 plates of cookies and brownies for party

Wednesday 7/8
On my own, Roberto home sick
-prep cakes- 2 chocolate mousse, 2 cheesecakes
-fruit tarts
-add some hazelnut paste to pastry cream to make hazelnut cream- use to fill 1 tray of tarts, top with raspberries
Chef brought in organic gooseberries and blueberries from the Green City Market so I decided to make some pies. I had no recipes of my own for gooseberry pie, so I looked online and found 2 different ones to try.

Pie crusts
Mealy dough
1000 g pastry flour
650 g butter
260 g water
20 g salt

Flaky dough
1000 g pastry flour
700 g butter
310 g water
20 g salt
I used the food processor to cut the butter and flour/salt together. I divided each recipe in 3 to fit in the robot coupe. I ended up having enough dough for 2, 8” blueberry pies, and 2, 9” deep dish pies: 1 gooseberry and 1 gooseberry custard.
Gooseberry Pie filling
1 qt gooseberries (1 1/3 lb)
1 cp + 1 t sugar
3 T quick cooking tapioca
2 T butter

Halve berries, cook berries with 1 cp sugar about 5 minutes, stir in tapioca, cook another 5 minutes, stir in 1 T butter and cool.
Oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, then down to 325 for 30 minutes.
This was my first time working with Gooseberries. They are very tart and almost remind me of a plum, how the skin has a different flavor from the inside. They varied in size and color, but were on average the size of a small grape and variegated green/purple/pink color. They had tiny stems on the top and bottom that were a pain to pull off of each one! The tiniest berries were almost not worth using. This was a very time consuming process and in all took about 1 hr to prep the berries for the two pies I was making.

Also, this recipe called for quick cooking tapioca, which I did not have. I took a chance and used cornstarch, hoping it would serve the purpose with a similar end result. It thickened well and seemed fine. I had no complaints!

Gooseberry Cream Pie
1 ¼ cp fresh gooseberries
1 cp sugar
2 T AP flour
pinch salt
1 cp sour cream
2 eggs, beaten
1 T vanilla

Stir berries and sugar
Stir flour and salt, mix in sour cream, eggs, and vanilla
Add gooseberries and sugar and stir
Deposit into pie shell
Bake 55 minutes at 350 degrees

Blueberry Pie
1 ¼ cp brown sugar
5 T cornstarch
6 cp blueberries
1 T lemon juice
1 T butter

Combine all ingredients and deposit into pie shell
Bake 425 degrees for 30 minutes, cover and reduce to 375 degrees for 40 minutes
I baked all the pies at the same time with the oven at 425 for about 20 minutes, then reduced it to about 360 degrees and covered the edges with foil because they were already brown. They baked for around 35-40 minutes after that.

-Plate up lemon bars, brownies, cheesecake, chocolate mousse cake, and lemon chiffon cake
I made little tartlets with the left over pie crust and gooseberries. I made little square open pouches and put some pastry cream in the bottom, the some berries and sugar. I wrapped them in foil to keep from burning but also to help them keep their shape. I made 10 that could be used as the special dessert a dinner party had requested. I put them in small cups and they were to be served with a scoop of vanilla gelato on top.

Thursday 7/9
Roberto is baking chocolate sponge cakes and cheesecakes . Prep chocolate mousse

15 lbs cream cheese
5lb sugar
75 eggs
2.5 lb sour cream
1 qt heavy cream

Add sugar to cream cheese, then add sour cream
Slowly add eggs, a couple at a time and let them combine before adding more
Scrape bowl sides and bottom after each 20 eggs to make sure they are fully incorporated
The cream goes in at the end, add vanilla
Strain batter through china cap to keep cheese and egg lumps out
Spray 9” cake pans and deposit batter
On this day we were making Butterfinger Cheesecake so I chopped up some large candy bars, about one bar per cake, and tossed the Butterfinger bits on top of the batter and used a skewer to swirl them through.

Bake in water bath about 1 hr

-Bake off 1 tray of each cookie
-prep 2 chocolate mousse cakes, 1 cheesecake, plate fruit tarts, lemon squares, cookies

Key Lime Pie- double recipe
16 lb 8 oz sweetened condensed milk
2 qt lime juice
2 qt egg yolks (40 yolks)
8 oz cornstarch

Mix lime juice with cornstarch, then combine with other ingredients
Yields 12 pies
Bake 350 degrees
We use pre-made graham cracker crust shells. They were convenient and could be used with various fillings.

To do- dip éclairs, ganache top of two oreo pies and cut them

Diamond Cookies- double recipe
24.5 oz butter
9.75 oz powdered sugar
2 ea vanilla bean
2.5 oz egg yolks
27.5 oz bread flour
zest 1 lemon, 1 orange, 1 lime

Cream butter, sugar, and vanilla
Add egg
Add flour
Portion into logs, wrap, and freeze
Brush each log lightly with egg wash and roll in sugar
Cut into slices
Place on parchment lined pan and bake 335 for 10-12 minutes
In lieu of the vanilla bean I used the vanilla paste, about 1 oz. Also, the double recipe fits in the kitchen aid and makes 2 logs about 7” long. I was excited to put these cookies out on the buffet because they were nice and buttery with a fresh citrus flavor and a great alternative if you didn’t want chocolate in your cookie. Much of the staff enjoyed them; I could tell by their comments as well as by the missing cookies from the container we kept them in!
Friday 7/10
Chocolate mousse cake prep

Roberto make large plated fruit tarts for party

Ideas for new summer dessert menu
-Espresso Pot de crème- think of a biscotti- orange/almond?
-Green tea opera cake
-lemon chiffon cake
-Berry something- mixed berry rhubarb shortcake
-3 tarts- chocolate chocolate, tropical fruit pastry cream with mango on top, strawberry mousse w/ rhubarb
blood orange almond biscotti- add zest and juice
candy zest for garnish?
Candied almond for top of something?

Prep stuff for lunch buffet, fruit tarts

Make pate sucree for lemon squares for tomorrow
Halve and fill 2.5 sheet trays éclairs with pastry cream
Measure out ingredients for cowboy and chocolate chip cookie dough, double recipes each.
I only had enough chocolate chips to make the chocolate chip cookies. Luckily I had not gotten too far in scaling out ingredients for the cowboy and saved the already measured butter for when the chips came in.

Roll out sweet dough for lemon squares- 2 sheet pans, extra dough in cooler
I had a lot of trouble rolling the dough to the right size without it getting too warm. It tore when unrolling it to line the sheet pan and the edges were rough. Luckily the edges are not included when cutting the squares.

Saturday 7/11
-Roberto baked pies

White Chocolate ganache
3 qt cream
11.5 lbs white chocolate

heat cream, add to white chocolate in mixer, mix with paddle on low speed until melted and fully combined

Berry Vanilla Sponge Cakes
-whipped cream with honey and white chocolate ganache
-sponge cake brushed with triple sec + simple syrup
-strawberries and blueberries in each layer
-frost with same cream filling, coat with ground almonds after cut slices

For tonight:
-decorate mousse cakes, cut pies, cut brownies and lemon squares- plate
-make sheet pan of brownies
-dip éclairs
-whip quart of whipped cream for waffles for Sunday buffet
-bake cowboy cookies

Brownies x2
36.5 oz bittersweet chocolate 73 oz
27 oz butter 54 oz
27 oz eggs 54 oz
63 oz sugar 63 oz
2 t salt 4 t
8 t vanilla 16 t
18.25 oz AP flour 36.5 oz
18.25 oz cake flour 36.5 oz

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