BPA 107 Day 7: Baker's Math Continued

Day 7 Continued: Oatmeal Raisin drop cookies

This time we were given the recipe in various measurements and have to find percentages and the conversion factor and calculate the new recipe using baker’s math.

Butter 8 oz
Brown sugar 10 oz
Corn syrup 1 oz
Eggs 4 oz
Pastry flour 13 oz
Rolled oats 10 oz
Salt 5 g
Vanilla 2 tsp
Baking soda .2 oz
Baking powder .25 oz
Raisins 8 oz

Flour is always 100%. In the cases when there is no flour, sugar becomes 100%. To find the remaining percentages I divided each of the measurements by 13, the weight of the flour.

Butter 61.5%
Brown sugar 76.8%
Corn syrup 7.6%
Eggs 30.7%
Pastry flour 100%
Rolled oats 76.9%
Salt 1.3 %
Vanilla .33%
Baking soda 1.5%
Baking powder 1.9%
Raisins 61.5%
Yield= 420.13%

26 cookies, 2 oz each = 52 oz
Conversion Factor = 52/ 420.13 = .1237
Multiply all the percentages by the conversion factor

Butter 7.607 oz
Brown sugar 9.512 oz
Corn syrup .94012 oz
Eggs 3.797 oz
Pastry flour 12.37 oz
Rolled oats 9.512 oz
Salt .16081 oz
Vanilla .04123 oz
Baking soda .1855 oz
Baking powder .2350 oz
Raisins 7.607 oz
Now that we had our recipe we were ready to scale out the ingredients

We followed the same Creaming method we used for the chocolate chip, beating the butter, sugar, and corn syrup together first. After they became light and fluffy we slowly added the eggs and vanilla. Then we sifted the flour, salt, baking soda and powder onto parchment. To this we added the oats and raisins, to coat them slightly and prevent clumping when adding them to the wet ingredients. The corn syrup makes this a softer cookie compared to the chocolate chip. The higher ratio of eggs and sugar also give the cookie its chewiness.

Creaming the butter and sugar, adding the corn syrup

Add the eggs slowly and let them incorporate before adding more

The raisins and oats tossed with the other dry ingredients. Using the parchment paper makes it easy to add to the mixer.

Don't over mix the dough after the flour is added. Scoop out the same way as the other cookies. These were baked for about 10-12 minutes at 375 degrees F. The final product is a lovely golden brown cookie with a tender, chewy inside.

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