BPA 102: The Baking Process; Cakes

Batters w/ high percentage fat + sugar
Divide ingredients based on functions
-Tougheners- eggs w/ protein, proteins
-Tenderizers – relaxing effect on gluten- fats, sugars, relax proteins- increase coagulation pt of proteinds
-Moisteners- butter, oils, milk, dairy, anything w/ water, brown sugars
-Driers- ingreds w/ more starch, absorbs moisture, flours, c. of tartar
-Leaveners- eggs if whipped, chemical, mechanical
-Flavorings- usually oil based, nut flavors, vanilla

Goal of mixing batter to combine ingredients uniformly- incorporate air cells, develop proper texture

Tunneling- problem from overmixing- air bubbles are baked in

High Fat- creaming method- structure relies on creamed fat and includes butter cakes + high ratio cakes, 2 stage cake
Egg Foam- structure relies on whipped eggs- spongy cake- includes genoise, angel food + chiffon cake

Creamed fat- butter (creaming method) high fat

Chemical leaveners- pound cake, high ratio

Genoise- not fat, entire cake whipped together, egg foam

Angel food- only egg whites, very light, lack flavor, olds well when doing mousses + fillings

Chiffon cake- use oil not butter, creamed w/ eggs then dry folded in

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