BPA 102: Professionalism

Professionalism in the Kitchen

Brief History
-Monsieur Boulanger was the founder of the first restaurant. Before this there was an association of guilds. M. Boulanger had a very popular stew called Restorative that the word restaurant comes from.
- Many people ate porridge and as it started fermenting they put it in the oven and bread formed- all very rudimentary until they started using yeast and the refinement of sugars that came from India and Asia

Pivotal Figures
-Antonin Carere- 1783-1833, Master of Cuisine, revolutionary Chef, came up with the number of courses, invented pastiage and blown sugar
-Charles Ranhofer- U.S. Chef, world renown, chef of Delmonico’s in NYC
-Cesar Ritz- Ritz hotel named after him
-Auguste Escoffier
Classical French cuisine was traditionally heavy and rich
Escoffier and Ritz wanted a new cuisine focused on simplified taste, which was healthy, light and fresh. They were the Chefs of the Savoy hotel in London. Escoffier invented Peach Melba.
-Mid 20th century to present- Fernand Point, Paul Bocuse, Jean + Pierre Troisgros, Alain Chapel, Francoise Brise, Louis Outher, Michel Guerard, Roger Verge, Gaston Lenotre, Lionel Poilane, Alice Waters of Chez Panisse in 1971, Lindsey Shire, Stelle Sullivan, Nancy Silverton, Maida Heatter- 1974 book “Book of Great Desserts”- revolutionary desserts

The kitchen Brigade may have an Executive Chef and/or Executive Pastry Chef
- sous chef
- below sous chefs are the chefs de cuisine

Pastry Chefs oversee
-breadbaker/ boulanger
-ice cream maker

Below them are pastry cooks 1,2,3 and then interns

Attributes a student must cultivate for a successful career:

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