Chocolate Mint Mousse Cake and Verrines, and Tuxedo Strawberries

Recipes for Chocolate Mousse, Mint Creme Brulee insert, and Mint Cake Syrup

Mint Cake Syrup
1/4 oz Fresh Mint leaves
1 1/4 oz Sugar
1 3/4 oz Water
-Remove stems from mint, wash and dry, rough chop and add to simple syrup.
-Infuse 15 minutes then strain leaves.
Mint Creme Brulee Insert
1 5/8 oz Fresh Mint
5/8 oz Whole Milk
4 7/8 oz Cream
1 3/4 oz Sugar
1 1/4 oz Egg Yolks
1/8 oz Gelatin sheets
Mint Creme Insert
-Rough chop mint.
-Bring milk and cream to boil, add mint. Cover pot, infuse 30 minutes. Strain and rescale, add additional cream if needed.
-Add half of sugar and return to boil.
-Mix remaining sugar with egg, temper eggs with cream.
-Return mixture to pot and cook to 180, like an anglaise.
-When finished, strain, add bloomed gelatin.
-Pour into plastic lined cake pan and put in freezer to set.
Milk and Dark Chocolate Mousse- used 4x's recipe for cake and verrines
2 3/4 oz Cream
1 3/8 64% Dark Chocolate
1 5/8 38% Milk Chocolate
7/8 oz Sugar
3/8 oz Water
7/8 oz Egg Yolks
1/2 Sheet Gelatin
2 3/4 oz Cream, whipped to soft peak
Chocolate Mousse
-Make ganache with chocolate and cream #1.
-Make pate a bombe with sugar, water, and yolks.
-Whip cream #2 to soft peak and keep in cooler.
-Whip pate a bombe until cool to 80 degrees and add to ganache at 80 degrees.
-Fold in whipped cream.
Large Cake Assembly
-Cut a 7" round of chocolate biscuit sponge cake and fit inside 8" cake ring.
-Brush cake with mint simple syrup.
-Fill cake ring with chocolate mousse to about half way.
-Get mint creme insert from freezer and place on top of mousse.
-Cover and fill with mousse to top of mold.
-Let set in freezer.
-When frozen, remove from cake ring and using chocolate spray gun, spray around entire cake, giving even, textured effect. Before spraying place whole mint leaves on top of cake, and remove after to give leaf pattern.
-Top with glazed sliced strawberries. Keep in cooler until service.
Chocolate Mousse Verrines - Assembly
-Decorate interior of verrine with white chocolate as desired.
-Dip tops of glasses into chocolate and then into cocoa nibs and let dry.
-Brush remaining chocolate biscuit sponge with mint syrup and using round cutter, cut small circles to fit inside glass.
-Pipe or pour chocolate mousse into glass, about 1/3 full.
-Place layer of cake on top of mousse evenly, then top with 3 raspberries.
-Pour mousse over berries, ensuring all sides are covered by mousse, to the top.
-Put in freezer to set.
-Top with ganache and 3 raspberries. Keep chilled until service.
Tuxedo Strawberries
-Have white chocolate melted in small bowl.
-Dip strawberry and cover close to stem. Wipe edge on bowl, let set on parchment paper.
-After is almost set, move berry back a little to ensure no "foot" of chocolate collects at edge.
-Have small bowl with melted chocolate and carefully dip each side into the chocolate, creating a V with the two dark sides.
-Using a small parchment cone with chocolate, pipe bow tie and buttons down front "shirt" of tuxedo.

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