Puff Pastry Cookies, Pate a Choux, and Various Cream Fillings

Puff Cookies
-With dough sheeeter roll dough to 8 mm and cut off 1/3 for Vol au Vents and Bouchee.
-Roll to 3 mm for Sacritans, Vol au Vent base. Cut dough in half.
-Roll last half to 2 mm Palmiers and Papillion. 12 wide for palmiers.

-12”; egg wash and sugar on both sides.

-roll in from each side; want 6 rolls all together, 3 + 3.

-cover outside in sugar, then freeze, press so is flat.

Vol au Vent and Bouchee
-dip ring cutter in hot oil- doesn’t smash sides as cut down.
-single disc at thicker thickness.
-Cooler afterwards.

Pate a Choux pg 504
5.6 oz Milk
5.6 oz Water
1 tsp Salt
1.5 tsp Sugar
5 oz Butter
6.25 oz Pastry Flour
9 oz Eggs
Pate a Choux
-milk has softening affect- good if éclairs only.
-water makes crunch crisp, like for croquembouche.
-heat milk, water, and butter to boil.
-only dough flour cooked before baking.
-gelatinizing the starch- nice shine on dough without steaming.
-can use whisk, spoon, spatula.
-pastry flour gives softness/tenderness, bread flour and cake flour in some recipes.
-bake at intense temperature, a lot of moisture in it, leavening come from steam.
-add flour, sugar, salt. Whisk together.
-cook until cooks into a nice ball, gets shine.
-cooking starch.
-developing gluten in mixer, with paddle.
-get rid of some moisture- steam rises out.
-wait for a minute for it to cool down slightly.
-start adding eggs slowly.
-Parchment is ready for piping, 2”-3” long for mini éclairs.
-amt of eggs vary, whisk up last of eggs, might need only part of eggs.
-texture still firm, need a little more egg.
-if dough to heavy and dense- éclair will be heavy, if too thin- will deflate.
-want thin strand/ web almost like window pane, mix to develop gluten.
-holds shape but slowly flows over.
-save ¼ of batter and mix with extra egg for decoration pieces- don’t want to rise too much, has extra shine.
-pipe éclairs in line, even size, stop and pull back across top.
-moisten finger and press down any bumps.
-swan body- almost like shell border shape.
-cut in half, fill, cut ridged side in ½- will serve as wings on top of cream.
-head- choux paste very thin, want it to rise and collapse on itself.
-should be thin flowing batter like tuille.
-Shaped like a q. for beak, make dot and pull- like leaf.
-Bake at high temperature, less than 5 mins at 425 degrees.
-If air bubble, smooth out or fill.
-bake in deck oven.
Basic Cream Fillings
Chiboust or St. Honore Cream- Pastry Cream + Meringue + Gelatin (optional)
Pg. 708 for cream puff and brioche.

Crème Paris Brest- Pastry Cream + Praline + Butter (Mousseline +Praline)
For swans

Diplomat Cream- Pastry Cream 50% + Whipped Cream 50% + Gelatin (optional)
For éclair

Cremeux- Crème Anglaise + Butter, or Lemon Curd + Butter, Chocolate + Anglaise

Pastry Cream- make infusions, adding flavor, praline paste- roasted hazelnuts/nuts + caramelized sugar
-add nut paste at end + fold in- don’t cook or boil.
-coffee extract can boil in milk.
-high acid- warm milk – then add fruit- eggs can act as buffer.
-infusion- extracting essences from flavor. Tea- add 1 tsp to 1 cp. Add to hot liquid, bring to boil, turn off, cover, cool, then reheat.

Bergamot Mousseline
25% of total weight for extra butter
-pastry cream, add ½ of extra butter, then cool.
-whip when cool, and rest of butter, should double in volume.

1 lb 3 ½ oz whole milk
1 oz Sugar
1 3/8 oz Corn Starch
3 7/8 oz Sugar
3 7/8 oz Yolks
2 3/8 oz Butter
2 lb total
.25 X 2 lb= .5lb add in butter

Whipped cream- should be kept cool/cold. 60 degrees or below.

Base with gelatin- 70-78 degrees (in bulk) fruit mousse. Add warm foam (meringue, pate a bombe) + cold cream fold in last.

Chocolate mousse- melt chocolate to 113- 118 degrees F (when all 6 fats are melted). Egg foam at 90 -100 degrees F. Fold chocolate into mousse, then add cream then mold at 84 degrees F.
Cream filled and garnished eclairs, Vol au Vent, and Swans

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