Chocolate Tarts: Cremeux, Pot de Creme, Mousse. Info on Chocolate Tempering

Chocolate Tempering for Garnishes
-melting between 113- 118 degrees, when type 5 crystals melted
-no moisture in bowl, water bath with very little water
-melt to 113 degrees
-about 2 lbs, less work with more it cools down
-work with it on top of cutting board
-scrape table clean, wipe
-acetate sheet with colored cocoa butter, sprayed through silk screen
-cut off edges, cut sections for curls

113- 118 to melt fat
cool 81 degrees
bring back up to 88 (milk chocolate), 90 (dark), 88-89 (white)

cool 2/3 of it on table, creating good seeds, add to rest to reach temperature
-rest in bowl, on cutting board
-table chocolate- spread out and scrape back into center, check temp
-can see getting thicker as spread again
-add back to bowl, mix so lumps dissolve, at 85 degrees
-pour chocolate onto acetate sheet
-cut triangles, roll at an angle onto itself

Recipes for Chocolate Mousse, Pot de Creme, and Cremeux

Chocolate Breton tart shells
-roll to 2 mm
-can use round cutter slightly larger than mold, press down from center out to get air bubbles out
-dock when cold with paring knife
-put dough in cooler if getting too soft
-bake when cold

Chocolate Mousse
8 5/8 oz cream
8 5/8 oz 64% chocolate
2 5/8 oz yolks
2 5/8 oz sugar
7/8 oz water
8 5/8 oz cream

Pot de Crème
9 3/8 oz cream
1 7/8 oz eggs
1 7/8 oz sugar
5/8 oz cocoa liquor
2 ¼ oz 60% chocolate

Chocolate Cremeux
9 ½ oz cream
1 sheet gelatin
2 ¼ oz yolks
4 1/8 oz 64% chocolate
2 oz sugar

Tart shells
-use muffin papers to line, fill with beans and bake
-dough should be chilled before filling
-400 degree deck oven, 15 mins, when sides are dry and parchment peels off

large tarts get fully baked, medium fully baked, mini unbaked

Chocolate Mousse
-egg foam, meringue, sabayon, anglaise
-base with flavoring agent
-cream adds fat, whipping agent
-could add gelatin, cocoa butter
-this one uses a ganache
-water and sugar in pot, making syrup for pate a bombe, cook to 240, start whipping eggs at 215 degrees, on speed 2
-stream sugar, whip to medium ribbon, 85 degrees, ganache around 95 degrees
-pour ate a bombe into ganache, fold in
-cream whipped to soft peak, chocolate mixture around 85 degrees, less than 90 degrees
-temper cream in, chill mixture a little bit
-if chocolate doesn’t have a lot of cocoa butter, might need to add gelatin for setting agent
-chill mousse before piping
-could add puree into simple syrup for pate a bombe, or into whipping cream
-white chocolate/milk chocolate mousse always needs gelatin

Pot de Crème
-cream heated
-protein- whole egg
-mix sugar with egg
-temper cream into egg mixture
-add chocolate, melt down, stir
-would bake in water bath, but tart shell acts as buffer because moisture in dough
-bake 300 degrees in deck, when done middle should jiggle

-similar to anglaise
-ganache with anglaise base
-can keep up to 7 days- cooked egg yolks- acid
-mix yolks and sugar
-temper eggs, cook to 180 degrees
-chocolate in bowl
-gelatin bloomed
-don’t need ice bath for this because chocolate cools it down
-pour over chocolate, add gelatin

-Pour into baked tart shells

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