Linzer and Nut Tarts, Lemon Curd Tartlettes, Almond Pave Bars. Dragée Nuts and Candied Zest

Recipes for Frangipane Cream Filling, Pastry Cream, Pate Sucree, and Lemon Curd.

Frangipane Almond Filling
200 g butter
250 g 10x
150 g eggs
25 g hot process pastry cream powder
25 g dark rum
450 g pastry cream

Pastry Cream- ½ recipe
1 lb 3 ½ oz milk
1 oz sugar
1 3/8 oz starch
3 7/8 oz sugar
3 7/8 oz yolks
2 5/8 oz butter

Frangipane Nut Tarts
-add pastry cream to Frangipane, fold
-add rum- flavor
-small sable tart shells
-thin layer raspberry jam- very thin, even. Top with Frangipane and pine nuts

Linzer Tartlettes
- fill shells almost half way with jam
- bake. When jam bubbles, it's done

Pate Sucree
3 part flour 8 oz flour
2 part fat 4 oz butter
1 part sugar 2 oz sugar
½ egg

Lemon Curd- ½ recipe
6.6 oz sugar
3.2 oz yolks
3.3 oz lemon juice
½ oz lemon zest
2.6 oz butter

Lemon Curd
-water bath, don’t scramble eggs
-heat up lemon juice
-add sugar, whisk in eggs
-switch to spatula, stir as cooks
-cook to 185 degrees, treat like custard, eggs coagulated and set, cook beyond 185 to get ketchup consistency
-add butter in with emersion blender like mousseline
-thickening, can see ribbon marks
-if add butter in emulsion way, add right away
-cool to 90-100 degrees
-so butter emulsifies
-Par bake Pate Sucree tartlette shells
-Fill with lemon curd, bake about 10 minutes more until curd is set
-When cool, pipe meringue on top and graze tops with torch to lightly brown

Almond Pave Bars
-Line quarter sheet pan with remaining Pate Sucree dough left over from tartlettes.
-Pipe thin layer of raspberry jam on the bottom, then top with remaining Frangipane almond cream. Sprinkle with sliced almonds and bake.
-Bake for around 45 minutes until Frangipane is set and edges of crust are golden.
-When cool, cut into small bar cookies.

Candied Nuts- Dragée
-approximate amount of sugar with very little water
-want to crystallize sugar, bring to boil, add nuts, continually stir, coats nuts well
-best use roasted nuts
-can add spices if want, or salt
-keep stirring until reaches nice crystallization

Candied Zest
-baume meter, scale. 35 a little heavier than simple syrup, 1.3X's denser than water
-blanch zest in water
-put into simple syrup

-boil, then summer for 1 hr, gets slightly translucent
-then cut in julienne, garnish tarts

Brix Scale measures with Refractometer- deflection of light- measures amount of sugar in mixture
Baume- sugar density- how much mercury floats

Seeding Chocolate- melt 2/3 to 113 -118 degrees, add chopped rest of pieces

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