Plating of Various Cookies and Preparing Biscotti

Recipe for Double Chocolate Biscotti and Notes on Cookies and Creams

Batter vs dough
-smaller dryer version of cake but different liquid contents

toughening ingredients -gives structure, dry out
tenderizer- softens, enable spread

tougheners- starches, proteins- flour, water, cocoa powder, salt, eggs, milk, milk solids

tenderizers- sugars and fats- invert sugars, egg yolks, starches from corn or wheat, leavening agents

crispiness- limited moisture, low or excessive amount of sugar, smaller/thinner cookies, longer baking time, twice baking, granulated sugar, lower temperature

softness- higher fat and moisture, use of humectants- absorb moisture- brown sugar, larger size, brief and high temperature baking

chewiness- higher sugar, higher degree toughness, longer mixing time- oatmeal cookies

sandiness- more fat, less sugar, less liquid, use of egg yolk- cooked yolk- tender, proper mixing of fat flour phase

cookie spread- outward expansion more creaming- wider, smaller. Ground sugar to 10x

Custards and Creams
-Sugar solutions- combination of sugar and water cooked to a certain temperature
-simple syrup- equal sugar/water
-30 baume syrup 30:50
-cake syrup- lighter

-Whipped cream- unsweetened 35%
-crème chantilly- whipped cream w/ powdered sugar

Cooked stirred custards
-crème anglaise
-pastry cream

baked custards
-crème brulee, pot de crème

syneresis- breakdown of synergy- ex: water separates from pastry cream after in cooler for long time

Double Chocolate Biscotti
285 g Bread Flour
225 g Cake Flour
12 g Baking Powder
4 g Baking Soda
55 g Cocoa Powder
5 g Salt
4 Eggs
1 T vanilla
285 g Sugar
170 g blanched almonds
140 g chocolate chips
egg wash

Twice baked
-Paddle on speed 2 eggs and sugar

-there is a high amount of sugar
-add extract
-sift all drys
-eggs will look pale
-on speed 1 add drys slowly, don’t want 1st of gluten to develop

-form thick dough; sticky.

-divide into 4 loaves.

-roll into log, flatten out; want square edge

-light egg wash, baked 350 in deck oven at 6 top and bottom. 30 minutes, until firm to touch.
-When cooled cut and bake again, around 250 degrees convection, until dried.

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