Petit Fours Glacée, Ribbon Sponge, Joconde Sponge, and Chocolate Genoise

Recipes for Almond Cake for Petit Fours, Chocolate Genoise Sponge, Stencil Paste, and Joconde Sponge

Almond Cake
250g Almond Paste
190 g Sugar
180 g Butter
233 g Eggs
56 g Cake Flour
28 g Bread Flour

-paddle almond paste, add a little bit of egg to lighten paste, add moisture to help it make a paste because dries out in container

-make like making pound cake- fat/butter has to be very soft
-add sugar to paste, then butter

-parchment lines half sheet tray
-when become pale, scrape, want to lumps, mix again
-be careful not to split emulsion
-add eggs slowly, let incorporate
-flour sifted
-speed 2 for creaming

-don’t have to be as careful when spreading out because no foam to worry about
-scrape bottom
-bakes at 400 degrees in convection- thinner biscuit- higher tempt
-add in flour
-final stir by hand
-pour into baking pan, spread with large offset

-bake 8-10 mins, damper closed

Assembly Petit Four Glacée
-cut into 2 ½” strips, 3 layers

-moist cake, don’t need to moisten with syrup
-don’t want a lot of jam, if too much layers separate, very sweet, scrape any excess

-very thin layer of buttercream, next layer on top
-after each layer press flat with cardboard make sure layers sticking together

-repeat layers, press down
-weight down in freezer

-Coat top with thin layer of buttercream then cut in half and then into squares
-melt down fondant, add simple syrup
-looking for something that flows out and you see no ribbon, dissolves back in immediately
-stir fondant constantly so no lumps or crust on top
-Using a fork, dip cake into fondant icing and using another fork, carefully transfer cake to rack and let dry

-Once dry, decorate as desired with candied flowers or piped designs

Genoise- ½ sheet pan
9 oz eggs
6 oz sugar
6 oz cake flour
2 oz butter
1/8 oz vanilla
For our chocolate genoise
-take out 20% of flour for genoise and replace with cocoa powder- 1.2 oz cocoa instead of flour

-heat to 110 degrees over water bath- looking for sugar to melt
not too worried about making foam, just looking for runny consistency, sugar melted, color a little darker

-whip until pale, add extract
-fold in dry ingredients

-temper in butter
-spread thin on sheet tray
Ribbon Sponge Stencil paste
5 oz butter
5 oz 10x
5.2 oz cake flour
food color

-creaming method
-spread thin on silpat
Use cake comb to make pattern,stencil, or dots
Put in the freezer
Joconde Sponge- half sheet tray
3.5 oz almond meal
3 oz 10x
1 oz cake flour
4.75 oz eggs
3.25 oz fresh egg whites
.4 oz sugar
1.25 oz melted butter
Joconde sponge
-sift powdered sugar and cake flour, make paste by adding eggs

-whip whites, sprinkle in sugar, make meringue, not a lot of sugar, easy to overwhip

-temper whites into egg paste, add rest
-temper mixture with melted butter, add in

-pour over colored paste
-bake 400 degree convection, 425 deck

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