Bar Cookies: Brownies, Lemon Bars, and Cheesecake

Recipes for Brownies, Lemon Bar Crust and Filling, and Cheescake

Pate Brisee- ½ recipe
8.6 oz pastry flour
1 tsp salt
5.6 oz butter
1.75 oz cold water

9 1/8 oz bittersweet chocolate
6 ¾ oz butter
6 ¾ oz eggs
15 ¾ oz sugar
½ tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla
9 1/8 oz pastry flour

1lb 2 ¼ oz cream cheese
5 ½ oz sugar
7/8oz butter
3/8 oz lemon juice
1/8 oz vanilla
4 ¾ oz eggs
1 5/8 oz cream
1 5/8 oz sour cream

Lemon Bar Filling
1lb 3 3/8 oz sugar
12 1/8 oz eggs
5 ¾ oz lemon juice
2 5/8 oz bread flour

-melt chocolate and butter together, sift flour.

-mix eggs and sugar over waterbath- melt sugar slightly, makes more stable foam, gets more fluid, moisture is melting
-whip in mixer until slightly pale, if whip a lot makes cakier texture. Add salt and extract, salt is stabilizer for eggs, doesn’t decrease whipping time, thin ribbon stage.

-pour in chocolate and butter, mixture is warm, don’t risk lumps.

-foam unstable because adding fat- chocolate
-fold in flour, don’t over mix.

-add any extra chocolate chips or flavoring now, can sprinkle nuts on top
-parchment paper on bottom pan
-5-7% chocolate chips/ nuts to add
-smooth with spatula.

-325 degrees convection, around 30 minutes

-Top with ganache when cool. Freeze brownies before cutting to make sure ganache is set and will cut smoothly.

-paddle cream cheese until smooth
-want everything at room temp
-cream goes in last
-baked custard, water bath, heat from bottom, bottom 8-10, top off, front door heat 6, damper open- want steam to escape out
-bake ¼ sheet tray
-silicone mold- individual
Graham cracker crust
2 oz sugar
3.6 oz graham cracker
3 oz butter
2.4 oz walnuts
Lemon Bars
-Prepare Pate Brisee and line quarter sheet pan, chill.

-For filling, whisk together eggs, sugar, and lemon juice.
-Let rest 30 minutes in cooler, skim off air bubbles at top and discard.
-Fold in flour gently to not create any new bubbles, pour into shell and bake.

-Let cool after baking then keep in cooler. Cut to desired shape and dust with powdered sugar.

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