Notes on Petit Fours and Pastry Doughs

BPA 170- Day 1. Recipe for Linzer Dough, Chocolate and plain Pate Breton, Puff Pastry

Petit Fours- small baked goods.
Mignardise- little pieces that go with coffee at the end of the meal.
Petit Four Sec- dry cookies with out glazing or filling.
Demi Sec- Cookies with soft fillings.
Petit Four Amandes- Cookie containing almonds- macarons.
Petit Four Frais- Prestige- Small versions of large items.
Petit Four Glacees- Glazed items, 2 layers of sponge cake, simple filling + fondant/ chocolate glaze.
Petit Four Deguise- fresh or dried fruits coated with chocolate, caramelized sugar, fondant glazing.
Sale- bite sized quiche, bouchees

Pastry Dough- flaky and mealy, fat is hard.
Pate a Foncer or lining pastry- used in quiche, fat is soft.
Pate Brisee- fat cold, add eggs.
Pate Sucree- Creaming method, sugar. 3:2:1.
Pate Sablee- Sanding method.
Linzer dough
Puff Pastry- blitz, classic, inverted, pate a choux.

Linzer Dough
170 g Sugar
225 g Butter
60 g Egg Yolks
225 g Pastry Flour
3 g Cinnamon
1 g Clove
170 g Hazelnuts
12 g Lemon Zest

Pate Breton
3 7/8 oz Egg Yolks
7 7/8 oz Sugar
8 3/8 oz Butter
2/3 tsp Salt
11 ¼ oz Pastry Flour
1 oz Baking Powder
For chocolate Breton-
1 ¼ oz Brute Cocoa Powder
10 oz Pastry Flour

Chocolate Breton for whole class
25.3 oz Egg Yolks
59 oz Sugar
62.8 oz Butter
5 tsp Salt
9.4 oz Brute Cocoa powder
75 oz Pastry Flour
7.5 Baking Powder

Pate Sucree
-Creaming butter/ sugar.
-If over cream too airy- gets brittle.
-Increase speed, for 1 min so comes together, then add eggs slowly- don’t want to break emulsion, add one at a time.

Sable- cooked yolk, powdered sugar, almond meal.
-Cream butter, powdered sugar, salt.
-Cooked yolks makes only tender- lecithin is cooked. Crumb is crispier and lighter.

Puff Pastry Detrempe
12 oz Bread Flour
4 oz Cake Flour
2 oz Soft Butter
.25 oz Salt
9 oz Cold Water
1 lb Butter- For Beurrage
2 oz Bread Flour

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