Laminated Dough: Puff Pastry

Mixing of Dough and Lamination

Classic Puff Pastry- pg 502
Bread flour 100%
Water 48%
Butter 10%
Salt 2%
Lemon juice 1%
Malt 1%
Total 162%
Butter for lamination 50%

Puff Pastry
1 lb 3 ¾ oz Bread Flour
9 ½ oz Water
2 oz Butter
2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Lemon Juice
1 ½ tsp Malt
2 lb total
1 lb Butter for beurrage

-Similar to croissant dough.
-No milk, no yeast- unleavened dough.
-Lemon juice- acidity added because no yeast or fermentation.
-Add ingredients, add butter right away. Mix 3 min on speed 1.

-Move to speed 2.

-There is more fat in the beurrage compared to croissant dough.
-Less hydration, it is tighter dough.
-Mix by hand if not combined.
-It does not mix on speed 2 for too long, it can work longer on speed 1.
-Give a quick turn on the counter, wrap in plastic, and then rest in cooler for 1 hour.
-Make beurrage


Enveloping Butter and Lamination
-Cut mound with X.

-Fold back flaps; roll out to a big X.

-Put beurrage in middle.

-Envelope beurrage.

-Dust surface of counter.
-Break up butter a little by tapping with rolling pin.
-Roll out to rectangle.
-Give single fold. Let rest 30 minutes between each fold.
-Flop 1/3 at a time, roll to ¾”.
-Give 5 folds all together, the final fold before shaping.

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